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Exceptional event: the Corthay Excellence Run 

by Hugo Jacomet


the Maison Corthay and the Edmond de Rothschild Group have just confirmed the rumours and announced the joint organization of the first edition of an exceptional event, namely the Corthay Excellence Run, unique for its scope and the values which it promotes.

Pierre Corthay’s idea was to hold, between July 10th and 14th, an unseen car rally during which 21 exceptional cars from the 50s and 60s would roam Italy and Switzerland.

Through this 3-day journey through the steep and craggy roads of the Italian and Swiss Alps foothills, Pierre Corthay was inspired to create a tour of traditional artisans who, like him, have inherited ancestral skills and continue to create unique objects despite strong globalizing currents favouring mass consumption.

With his team, Pierre Corthay, Compagnon du Devoir from Switzerland, had imagined and set up an exceptional voyage for the lucky racers who will drive from Megêve to Gstaad and from Lucerne to Stresa (in the Piedmont near the Lake Maggiore). Every day, they will discover artisans and workshops carefully selected by organizers for the excellence of their products and the values of craftsmanship conveyed by their work. We will reveal them in the next few days, but we can already tell you that they include a luthier making some of the lost beautiful violins in the world, as well as the latest maker of the traditional Swiss cuckoos.

As for the vehicles taken on this unconventional journey, I will let the car aficionados among my readers (you know who you are) and those interested in elegance on wheels appreciate the quality of the guest list: Ferrari 250 California Spyder, Aston Martin DB4 Cabriolet, Ferrari 250 MM, Bentley Continental Type R, among others.

This tremendous project supports the values and crafts that we have been defending every day in these pages.

PG will be honoured to provide daily coverage of the event to bring you photos, written reports and videos of the best moments.

Stay tuned Gentlemen !

Cheers, HUGO

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