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Parisian Gentleman highlighted on “The Dandy Portraits” blog

by Hugo Jacomet


the very talented photographer Rose Callahan from New York, who is working since several years on a project called “The Dandy Portraits”, visited me last september in Paris which was, of course, quite an honor for me.

Even if, as PG readers know, i don’t really like the word “Dandy” which refers to a very specific historical context of the 19th century and which is, since a few years, used as a catch all concept, i think these pictures are beautiful.

Of course, as everybody knows, it’s quite uneasy for any human being (specifically for myself, believe me) to look at oneself on pictures.

However i felt it may be interesting to share those pictures with you as, far beyond myself, they highlight the beautiful craft of houses like Cifonelli, Corthay or Guyot which are part of my personal sartorial Pantheon.

Here is the link to Rose’s beautiful blog  : THE DANDY PORTRAITS

Cheers, HUGO

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Thomas Stepat — 05 March 2012 03:51

Great pictorial!! The details shown are wonderful.
If I may ask, what tie are you tying in the picture above?
Thank you,

Best Regards,

hugoparis — 05 March 2012 08:12

Hi Thomas, it’s a Charvet Plain Blue Grenadine Silk Tie. Hugo