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Things are moving at Marc Guyot Paris: new shop, new shoes…

by Hugo Jacomet


The tireless and very prolific Marc Guyot is still beating his own elegant path, by his stylish, sheltered from fashion and trends, where he continues to delight us with his creations of enduring style and character, with consistently breath taking lines.

Of course, he who wishes to blend in – sticking with Weston Claridge moccasins – is unlikely to find anything to suit his taste on the rue Pasquier. Conversely, those who haven’t yet had a taste of the “Guyot Experience” despite being drawn to the very peculiar universe of this mind-blowing designer should take the time to go linger for a while behind Place de la Madeleine. Be warned that you will be back, and often, even for the mere visual pleasure of admiring the unbridled and extreme and all-or-nothing creations of the Master of the House.

Marc Guyot has just expanded (which cannot be bad: those who have visited the legacy shop and received a roll of Scottish Tartan or Saxony Tweed on the head know what I am talking about…) with a new space located right across the (quaint) historical flagship and exclusively dedicated to shoes and accessories.

Now is the perfect opportunity for PG to salute the consistently bold work of Marc Guyot and to present, with a few images, the new inclusions to his line of shoes. As per usual, he revisits the great historical classics of gentlemen’s shoes with talent and precision. See for yourself.

Laced Balmoral boots with brogue tip

Lake and hand jointed nose derby

Saddle Bucks


Cheers, HUGO

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WC Murray — 25 April 2012 02:56

Nice, are they avaiable in the United States, Boston area ?
Especially like Lake and hand jointed nose derby in the brown and blue.

Derek Shakespeare — 09 February 2014 20:44

Such beautiful shoes!!