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Richard Anderson launches first line of ready-to-wear

by Hugo Jacomet


At 13, Savile Row, as well as in a few corners and departments stores worldwide, it will soon be possible to acquire ready-to-wear labelled “Richard Anderson, Savile Row”.

As we are, as you know, fierce advocates for sartorial and traditional bespoke tailoring culture, we are always suspicious when a prominent shop of Savile Row decides to ostensibly stitch his sacrosanct label (instead of tucking it out of sight inside pockets, as per bespoke tradition) on industrial made garments from across, not only the Channel, but most often from across the Alps…

Yet, as we are not above being proven wrong, we remain curious on the many initiatives in that regards. For instance, just recently, we were pleasantly surprised by the very notable quality of Timothy Everest’s RTW effort, made in Portugal (where sartorial and cordwaining skills are well-known), and proving to be a very adequate price/quality option, especially during the sales.

The very first Fall/Winter ready-to-wear collection created and offered by Richard Anderson pleasantly surprises with elegant lines, wonderful finishes, and fair prices (a suit will set you back slightly short of 1,000 euros) for a product often superior to those of the mega brands of its market segment: half lining, beautiful materials and quality finishes, all made in Italy.

Of course, with the momentum of tradition and craftsmanship marketing, the visual appeal developed by Anderson is largely, and rather legitimately for once, based on sartorial iconography, staged around traditionally drafted patterns.

There is no denying that this first collection is rather well executed and that ultimately, we should all welcome the invasion of comparable tailors on the hunting grounds of overly marketed and essentially overrated mega brands.

Feast your eyes on the first ready-to-wear collection by Richard Anderson. For one, PG is really quite smitten…

Cheers, HUGO

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Alan Cannon Jones — 29 August 2012 08:39

Impresssive. Many RTW collections from the Bespoke Houses on the Row do not reflect the expertise of true tailoring. This is clearly a creative and well tailored set that will add value to Richard Anderson.

Michael — 03 September 2012 10:18

I like them, but they’re made in Italy. I buy Italian clothes from time to time and I expect them to be Italian made.
The same goes for British labels. Savile Row should be looking to British manufacturers to make their RTW. It’s just a label otherwise.