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PG’s Recommendations : The 2014 Ready-To-Wear Men’s Suit Review Edition
Gentlemen, It is our pleasure to publish today the Parisian Gentleman Selection of Ready-to-Wear Suits for 2014 ! This selection covers 39 houses and brands that have been carefully selected over a period of several months, with the valuable input of a few collaborators from the international sartorial scene, a method which is a first [...] Read more – ‘PG’s Recommendations : The 2014 Ready-To-Wear Men’s Suit Review Edition’
Berluti Makes Us Lust Again: The Berluti White Suit
The Berluti story is more than a story of desire for shoes that render a sweet feeling of vertigo—the Berluti rise to stardom is more like a novel filled with risk-taking and in-your-face attitude and perhaps some of the most beautiful (if at certain times delicate) patina-finished shoes in the world. But on the subject [...] Read more – ‘Berluti Makes Us Lust Again: The Berluti White Suit’
Berluti White 3
How to Have Great Conversations — Martine’s Guidelines from 1866
What type of conversationist are you…and do you recognize yourself or anyone else in these archetypes to avoid? 1. The Loud Talker 2. The Life-Sharer 3. The Clever Bore 4. The Indifferent of Apathetic Bore 5. The Lingering Bore 6. The Hobby-Riders 7. The Malaprops (aka Mr. or Ms. Inappropriate) 8. The Egotistical Bore Martine’s [...] Read more – ‘How to Have Great Conversations — Martine’s Guidelines from 1866’
MAIN Conversation
The Immortal Pour Un Homme de Caron
Simplicity is a virtue. The strongest message is often the simplest one… that is, the one void of anything but the message itself. But sometimes, simplicity is hard to achieve, whether in the area of men’s style, literature, cinema, or perfumery. Simplicity demands the maturity to resist the temptation of overdoing the task. When in [...] Read more – ‘The Immortal Pour Un Homme de Caron’
Don’t Fear the Tie Tack : A Symbol of Audacity
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” - Oscar Wilde We have a motto: It’s never about the clothes or accessories…it’s about how the clothes or accessories make you and others feel. And when it comes to tie tacks, it’s hard to deny that this accessory can make [...] Read more – ‘Don’t Fear the Tie Tack : A Symbol of Audacity’
The Ideal Garment Bag ?
Gentlemen, We’re finally back home after a pretty intense bout of travel during which we took no less than eight flights over the course of ten days, and our trusty suits were of course part of the trip. As many of you know,  it is very stressful to take along suits on a plane, as [...] Read more – ‘The Ideal Garment Bag ?’
American Tailoring : Redemption Song
photo credit: Steffen Roth GAY TALESE: FINE AND DANDY As a young copy boy in 1953, Gay Talese showed up for work each day at the New York Times office wearing a hand stitched Italian suit. The following year he would be drafted into the U.S. Army, and not long after after his return from service, would [...] Read more – ‘American Tailoring : Redemption Song’
Gay Talese
The Elegant Rebel : Mouchoir de Monsieur
The day I lost my perfume sample collection was tragic indeed. I was eight or nine years old back then. Stashed in a shiny little black cardboard box that I kept at the back of my closet was my treasure—that is, a truly ridiculous amount of perfume samples haphazardly thrown into a messy pile. I [...] Read more – ‘The Elegant Rebel : Mouchoir de Monsieur’
A Dialectic On The Dichotomy of Men’s Dress
A Dialectic on the Dichotomy of Men’s Dress by Dr. Benjamin Wild Contributing Editor We’ll start with a few questions: 1) When wearing a necktie, should the tail extend below the front? 2) Name one occasion when it would be appropriate to wear a dinner jacket with shorts. 3) On a three-button jacket, would [...] Read more – ‘A Dialectic On The Dichotomy of Men’s Dress’
Green Day
Gentlemen, today is Saint Patrick’s Day, and green reigns supreme ! We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that green is a color you should consider wearing outside of such occasions. Although sadly absent from most ready-to-wear collections, green is nonetheless a color with fantastic potential. While green shirts and suits remain [...] Read more – ‘Green Day’
Hugo for Berluti
Bespoke Tailoring : the Parisian Devil is in the Details…
Gentlemen, it’s now rather well known and accepted among all the bespoke enthusiasts in the world that French Tailoring houses are literally obsessed by exquisite finishing details and truly perpetuate the French “Haute Couture” tradition and know-how. As a Cifonelli long time faithful client, I can personally testify that it’s true. Case in point : [...] Read more – ‘Bespoke Tailoring : the Parisian Devil is in the Details…’
REd socks
Of British Tailoring
Huntsman One-Button Sport Jacket The subtleties of traditional English tailoring have become somewhat diluted with the influx of made-to-measure offerings and the practice of outsourcing tailoring work. As a reminder, if not for posterity, we review what defines the traditional English cut, keeping in mind that the inspiration for English tailoring has primarily been the [...] Read more – ‘Of British Tailoring’
My Tailor Lives in Paris and French Cachet
Charles and Marc de Luca It is the autumn of 1670 and Moliére has just completed a hilarious five-act comedy ballet. The funky title of Moliere’s play, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (The Middle-Class Aristocrat) creates so much curiosity that an urgent need is created in Paris to obtain a seat for the show. The opening performance [...] Read more – ‘My Tailor Lives in Paris and French Cachet’
How to Shine your Shoes like a Pro
© Atlan Bottier Paris / Pierre Pochan Gentlemen, all the studies and surveys in the world show that a well polished pair of shoes is the very first sign of a well educated gentleman and one of the first things that is noticed by others, especially women. Since a few years, the art of domestic [...] Read more – ‘How to Shine your Shoes like a Pro’
How to Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro
Gentlemen, being able to impeccably and quickly iron a shirt is a tremendous asset for any gentleman in life, in order to look sharp and ready for any circumstance. A seemingly infinite number of methods exists, perhaps as many as the number of mothers on earth. Yet, the simple act of ironing  a shirt remains [...] Read more – ‘How to Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro’
Craving Color
It’s easy to fall for repetition in color schemes in the way we dress. We get used to the grays and blues and browns, and sometimes forget that these base colors can be brought to life with the knowledge of a few good color combinations. Here are some recent color combinations that have caught our [...] Read more – ‘Craving Color’
The Italian Tailor, Naples, and the Neapolitan Jacket
Peering out past the sweep of the great bay of Naples, there is a sense of ancient history steeped in sedimentary stone, as well as rich stories of the past echoing in the eyes of the people. When we think of historical cities, often our minds turn towards the art that represents the region. Yet [...] Read more – ‘The Italian Tailor, Naples, and the Neapolitan Jacket’
My Experience on How to Build a Wardrobe
Gentlemen, Every day, you are more and more numerous to read these pages ; people of every age group, sharing a passion for men’s style. Discovering classic men’s style was a shock for me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not only speaking for myself here. A few simple notions and a little education on the [...] Read more – ‘My Experience on How to Build a Wardrobe’
EN tete
The Canvas War Has Been Declared (part 2)
Gentlemen, As a follow-up to our previous article dedicated to canvassing techniques in ready-to-wear, the fantastic Julien Scavini kindly sent us this little (clickable) picture below, which conveniently puts the entire article in a nutshell. A heartfelt thanks to Julien ! ( Cheers, HUGO Read more – ‘The Canvas War Has Been Declared (part 2)’
The Canvas War Has Been Declared
Gentlemen, As you probably already know, it’s safe to say that there is a general consensus that canvassing – or lack thereof – is a key point that differentiates the suits of an honorable-make from those destined for mass consumption. As a key factor in terms of quality, the subject of canvassing may have started [...] Read more – ‘The Canvas War Has Been Declared’