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Cuffs, Ruffs & Contours: dressing men’s necks
Cuffs, Ruffs & Contours: dressing men’s necks by Dr Benjamin Wild ( Charley: The young ones have no manners. The other day at the carwash, a young man looked me up and down and asked me if I was a natural blonde. George: What did you say? Charley: I looked him straight in the eye [...] Read more – ‘Cuffs, Ruffs & Contours: dressing men’s necks’
Let there be light !
Gentlemen, For PG, as well as for the benefit of several magazines to which I now regularly contribute, I have taken it upon myself to dedicate several hours every Sunday purely to seeking out “gems” of the art of shoemaking from around the world. And even if I can, I believe, claim to be an [...] Read more – ‘Let there be light !’
The Lapel Roll: The First Signal of a Handmade Suit
Sometimes when we experience something magnificent, it is difficult to return to the old way of doing things. When we become accustomed to drinking good wine, it seems meaningless to drink cheap tasting wine. When we experience a job that gives us the freedom to create-at-will and brings us fulfillment, it is difficult to change [...] Read more – ‘The Lapel Roll: The First Signal of a Handmade Suit’
The Bespoke Suit for Women: Trending or Here To Stay?
NOT YOUR MOTHER’S SUIT The words “woman’s suit” sounds a bit banal compared to the words “men’s suit”.  After all, women began wearing suits based on the frame of reference given to them by men in suits. Because of this, there is at times, an automatic association with a woman in a suit having a certain “masculine [...] Read more – ‘The Bespoke Suit for Women: Trending or Here To Stay?’
Socks – Necessity or Accessory?
Marcoliani Milano By Sonya Glyn Nicholson. A small joy in life — matching socks with no holes. A bigger joy in life — all of the above with socks made from quality materials, design and fit. Socks have come to be seen as much as an accessory as a functional piece. Not so long ago, [...] Read more – ‘Socks – Necessity or Accessory?’
Injecting emotion into a world of “flatliners”
TOO EMOTIONAL ? There is a noticeable decline in the amount of emotion we use when we communicate with each other. It seems that somehow, there is an accepted perception that showing feelings of sentimentality, passion, hurt, and shame is…embarrassing (even weak). A  flatliner is a more recent term that is used to describe a person [...] Read more – ‘Injecting emotion into a world of “flatliners”’
The white shirt – Telling the men from the boys
By Sonya Glyn Nicholson. Don’t deal in lies. Don’t give way to hating. And no matter how tough the going gets… hold on. Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936)  gave boys everywhere expert advice on how to become a man in behavior and character in his well-known poem,”IF”.  Kipling’s dictum to young men everywhere sticks in my [...] Read more – ‘The white shirt – Telling the men from the boys’
Astaire, Cooper and Grant. They don’t make them like that anymore…
THE STYLE & SYMBOLISM OF FRED ASTAIRE, GARY COOPER & CARY GRANT By Benjamin Wild. Man’s stock appears to be falling. He is suffering a public relations crisis. As recent as three years ago, Hanna Rosin contemplated ‘The End of Man’, as his physical size and strength are of little consequence in our post-industrial [...] Read more – ‘Astaire, Cooper and Grant. They don’t make them like that anymore…’
Astaire shoes
The suit is dead, long live the suit ! By Benjamin Wild
Gentlemen, today we are delighted to publish a very nice first contribution by Benjamin Wild, an inspiring author and blogger that our team has recently discovered. The quality of his blog – Linleywild - is nothing short of wonderful and provides some insightful, pertinent and slightly cynical thoughts on men’s style from an educated commentator’s perspective. Dr [...] Read more – ‘The suit is dead, long live the suit ! By Benjamin Wild’
Men and Their Clothes — What Women Think
by: Sonya Glyn Nicholson Articles that pitch how women feel about the way men dress can be met with little, if any, enthusiasm. Usually, these recycled articles are scanned for key points and forgotten within minutes after reading. In fact, when I was commissioned to write this article, I felt a little flushed, maybe even [...] Read more – ‘Men and Their Clothes — What Women Think’
The return from Savile Row
Gentlemen, we just returned from a four-day trip to Savile Row in which we had the honor to participate in the “Bespoke Tailors Benevolent Association” (BTBA) dinner, at the invitation of Anda Rowland (Anderson & Sheppard) and Michael and William Skinner (Dege & Skinner), of whom we warmly thank. As always, the stay in London [...] Read more – ‘The return from Savile Row’
The 2013 Sartorial Storm — Part I
- By Sonya Nicholson THE MALE ELEGANCE CLIMATE John Hamm dressed for the role of a doctor in 1917 set during the Russian Revolution and based on the stories of Mikhail Bulgakov. Could this look now be considered “irresistible“? The male elegance climate appears to be simmering to a boil lately (compared to a mere [...] Read more – ‘The 2013 Sartorial Storm — Part I’
Pomp and Practicality
- By Sonya Nicholson Remember the one in school who always seemed to dress right–the one indubitably awarded  ”best-dressed” by popular vote–and who won so easily that his title was never in question? I often wondered if this dapper young gent’s mum should have had the real credit for his ease and fortitude, and whether [...] Read more – ‘Pomp and Practicality’
If Not the End of The World, Is it the End of A World?
After consuming December’s caloric filled tsunami of festive food,  followed by a bout of apocalyptic digestion, today our sartorial adventure takes us to a place where we pose a simple but highly appropriate question:  even if it is not the end of the world, could we be witnessing the end of a world? Or to put it differently and [...] Read more – ‘If Not the End of The World, Is it the End of A World?’
Variations on the peak lapel, by Paul Grassart
Gentlemen, Here is the second part of Paul Grassart’s contribution ( on the peak lapel: ———- Variations on the peak lapel By Paul Grassart Following my last article on the variations of the peak lapel, I found, on French forum De Pied en Cap a short discussion on the subject, in which I identified over [...] Read more – ‘Variations on the peak lapel, by Paul Grassart’
The PG Guide to Quality Seals: A New Global Platform Dedicated to Men’s Elegance
Today is a special day for the PG Team because after months of work, the beta version of the global guide to quality seals dedicated to men’s elegance is to be released. We take this important day (and not for the sake of the end of the world) to explain the philosophy, use and developments [...] Read more – ‘The PG Guide to Quality Seals: A New Global Platform Dedicated to Men’s Elegance’
Endymion: A Men’s Fragrance to Remember
-By Sonya Nicholson It is the final day in Brussels at the esteemed House of Degand, which I am attending for the book signing of the stunning talent, James Sherwood’s “A Perfect Gentleman” book (celebrating the rich history of men’s style). Just before departing, I acquire an unforgettable men’s fragrance called Endymion, created by London’s [...] Read more – ‘Endymion: A Men’s Fragrance to Remember’
Cranking it up a notch with Paul Grassart
Gentlemen, As we had done a while ago in a long article about the quality of wool, we are pleased to post a new article by contributor and PG friend Paul Grassart, a Paris tailor whose PAUL GRASSART blog is a wealth of very detailed information for our most curious and passionate readers. Here is the [...] Read more – ‘Cranking it up a notch with Paul Grassart’
A Noble Cause
As we are not accustomed to participating in fund raising events, a cause has come to our attention that Parisian Gentleman readers may want to know about and support. There is a project taking place right now to develop a 96-minute film celebrating master tailors who have dedicated their lives to making only the finest [...] Read more – ‘A Noble Cause’
The man behind the clothes
-By Sonya Nicholson Some texts are better left untouched, as I am sure that I’m not able to improve upon John Henry Newman’s words regarding what makes a true gentleman, from The Idea of a University (1852). And so, with no commentary needed, we launch into the specific description of a gentleman, as written by Newman. This simple page [...] Read more – ‘The man behind the clothes’