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2012 Summer elegance: bursts of colour and a few favourites
Gentlemen, Here is a first selection of our first favourites for a summer that finally seems to be upon us. You will notice that most of the great labels we closely follow are ravishing us with a focus on bold colours. On the spotlight: Cesare Attolini (certainly the most beautiful 2012 Summer collection), Kiton, Brioni, [...] Read more – ‘2012 Summer elegance: bursts of colour and a few favourites’
The European League of natural shoulder supporters
Gentlemen, Fear not, this is not an umpteenth political listing for the European elections (that gave way to the arrival of strange, to say the least, listings such as “Cannabis without borders” and the likes), nor an association of butchers up in arms to defend the shoulder of organic lamb. It is rather tailors across [...] Read more – ‘The European League of natural shoulder supporters’
The new life of Berluti
Gentlemen, As you all know, Berluti has just launched a new menswear collections under the direction of the aptly named Alessandro Sartori (!), former artistic director at Zegna. I personally find this new collection rather interesting, despite its clear lack of discretion and understatement. We will, in the coming weeks, offer a full feature article [...] Read more – ‘The new life of Berluti’
Military inspirations
Gentlemen, The so-called military style has always inspired designers and masculine bespoke houses. The current times are no exception, with a –rather fortunate- return of uniform inspired garments, essentially very structured, with many buttons and pronounced shoulder padding and epaulets. Personally, I have always liked this type of clothing, which I prefer to wear casually, [...] Read more – ‘Military inspirations’
Parisian Gentleman highlighted on “The Dandy Portraits” blog
Gentlemen, the very talented photographer Rose Callahan from New York, who is working since several years on a project called “The Dandy Portraits”, visited me last september in Paris which was, of course, quite an honor for me. Even if, as PG readers know, i don’t really like the word “Dandy” which refers to a [...] Read more – ‘Parisian Gentleman highlighted on “The Dandy Portraits” blog’
PG sunday picks : two original sport jackets
Gentlemen, today, we are glad to share with you two finds which particularly caught our stylish attention in our perpetual quest for new sartorial thrills. Here are two sport jackets we find very original because of the fabrics as well as their assembly, which oozes the Sprezzatura spirit (the famous elegant Italian nonchalance). The first [...] Read more – ‘PG sunday picks : two original sport jackets’
Timothy Everest: Shaking up ideas since 1989
Gentlemen, Here is already the last segment on my recent London adventure. Little did I know that chance would have me leave Savile Row, and even Mayfair, for my last appointment, heading to a London neighbourhood with a completely different atmosphere. Indeed, the next neighbourhood, up until very recently, was home to everything London had [...] Read more – ‘Timothy Everest: Shaking up ideas since 1989’
A new era for Norton & Sons
Gentlemen, Here is the fourth and penultimate chapter of our Savile Row adventure. On an Autumn Friday, we arrived to the venerable house of Norton & sons, one of the oldest of the Row (1821), re-launched a few years ago by the hyperactive (and ubiquitous) Patrick Grant. This blooming house is quainter than the two [...] Read more – ‘A new era for Norton & Sons’
Huntsman & Sons: Not trifling with tradition
Gentlemen, Reaching the third stop of my journey through wonderland was quite quick, as merely a few hundred meters stood between where I was and another temple of British bespoke: Huntsman & Sons, honourable name known for the quality of its exclusive tweeds, but also for its prices, that have always been the highest on [...] Read more – ‘Huntsman & Sons: Not trifling with tradition’
Inspirations and elements of style…
Gentlemen, Here are two very beautiful sartorial compositions found on the gorgeous commercial website Mr Porter. Of these two objectively very well done outfits, we have identified what we believe truly makes the style difference. The idea here is to focus your attention on two different approaches. On the first outfit, it is undoubtedly the [...] Read more – ‘Inspirations and elements of style…’
Variations on the theme of the Double-Breasted jacket
Gentlemen, As you know, our columns heartedly defend the now undisputable return of the double breasted suit and jacket. We have had the opportunity to write several articles on the subject and are constantly on the lookout for new interpretations for this staple of classic masculine elegance, as it is undergoing a full blown renewal. [...] Read more – ‘Variations on the theme of the Double-Breasted jacket’
QILIAN Bespoke sport jacket by Cifonelli: a sartorial piece from far away
Gentlemen, As usual, we are delighted to show you the very last creation of the tireless Lorenzo Cifonelli, undoubtedly one of the most passionate (and captivating) tailors in the world. We have often been surprised by the clever blend of great tradition and boldness expressed by the rue Marbeuf cousins, who have dazzled us with, [...] Read more – ‘QILIAN Bespoke sport jacket by Cifonelli: a sartorial piece from far away’
PG Exclusive: new Cifonelli bespoke sport jacket
Gentlemen, As we often do, we are glad to reveal a sneak peak of the very last bespoke sport jacket by the tireless and passionate Lorenzo Cifonelli. The jacket, apart from the fact that it is, yet again, a very high level sartorial piece, is particularly original and proves, yet again, that traditional sartorial art [...] Read more – ‘PG Exclusive: new Cifonelli bespoke sport jacket’
Marc Guyot Norfolk hunting jacket
Gentlemen, Unsurprisingly, the tireless Marc Guyot once again delivers a slightly unconventional creation by its lines and construction: an extremely sophisticated hunting jacket that is typical MG, to say the least. It is a Norfolk hunting jacket. As explained on blog Green sleeves to a ground, this type of jacket is originally attributed to the [...] Read more – ‘Marc Guyot Norfolk hunting jacket’
Cesare Attolini: new casual jackets for winter
Gentlemen, Each year, exceptional, rare and expensive Neapolitan label Cesare Attolini, gifts us with breathtaking and extremely typed creations. They are the stuff as the elegant dreams of thousands round the world are made of, and will be worn by the luckiest (and wealthiest) among them. Just as the Italian label is finally ready to [...] Read more – ‘Cesare Attolini: new casual jackets for winter’
Trimmed jackets
Gentlemen, For a few weeks, we have been seeing here and there a number of ads featuring what seems like an increasing trend (you know how much we love those): trimmed jackets. This very morning, stuck in Rive Gauche traffic with my Smart, I spent a long time staring at the back of a bus [...] Read more – ‘Trimmed jackets’
Cifonelli House: Bespoke in the 21st Century (Part II)
INTERVIEW WITH LORENZO CIFONELLI   Parisian Gentleman: In 2003, you and your cousin Massimo took control of the family business after starting in the shop in 1993. Have your customers changed over the years? Lorenzo Cifonelli: Of course. When I started my career in the family shop, we were known as a classic, serious, discrete, [...] Read more – ‘Cifonelli House: Bespoke in the 21st Century (Part II)’
PG Exclusive: three new Cifonelli jackets
Gentlemen, As you know, PG very closely follows the stylistic evolution of the bespoke Cifonelli label. Some time ago, it endeavoured the creation of a range of jackets (bespoke only) meant to inspire a changing client base, demanding excellent construction and constantly seeking contemporary lines. These exceptional creations (we mean every word) are shining proof [...] Read more – ‘PG Exclusive: three new Cifonelli jackets’
Cifonelli: Bespoke in the 21st Century (Part I)
There is no doubt that legendary tailors Cifonelli have an exceptional story to tell. There are two main reasons why this family business is almost unique in the world. - First, there is the unique style of the creations (and creations they are: client after client, suit after suit). Each one displays a unique blend [...] Read more – ‘Cifonelli: Bespoke in the 21st Century (Part I)’