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PG’s Recommendations : The 2014 Ready-To-Wear Suit Review Edition
Gentlemen, It is our pleasure to publish today the Parisian Gentleman Selection of Ready-to-Wear Suits for 2014 ! This selection covers 39 houses and brands that have been carefully selected over a period of several months, with the valuable input of a few collaborators from the international sartorial scene, a method which is a first [...] Read more – ‘PG’s Recommendations : The 2014 Ready-To-Wear Suit Review Edition’
Don’t Fear the Tie Tack : A Symbol of Audacity
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” - Oscar Wilde We have a motto: It’s never about the clothes or accessories…it’s about how the clothes or accessories make you and others feel. And when it comes to tie tacks, it’s hard to deny that this accessory can make [...] Read more – ‘Don’t Fear the Tie Tack : A Symbol of Audacity’
The Ideal Garment Bag ?
Gentlemen, We’re finally back home after a pretty intense bout of travel during which we took no less than eight flights over the course of ten days, and our trusty suits were of course part of the trip. As many of you know,  it is very stressful to take along suits on a plane, as [...] Read more – ‘The Ideal Garment Bag ?’
The Elegant Rebel : Mouchoir de Monsieur
The day I lost my perfume sample collection was tragic indeed. I was eight or nine years old back then. Stashed in a shiny little black cardboard box that I kept at the back of my closet was my treasure—that is, a truly ridiculous amount of perfume samples haphazardly thrown into a messy pile. I [...] Read more – ‘The Elegant Rebel : Mouchoir de Monsieur’
How to Shine your Shoes like a Pro
© Atlan Bottier Paris / Pierre Pochan Gentlemen, all the studies and surveys in the world show that a well polished pair of shoes is the very first sign of a well educated gentleman and one of the first things that is noticed by others, especially women. Since a few years, the art of domestic [...] Read more – ‘How to Shine your Shoes like a Pro’
My Experience on How to Build a Wardrobe
Gentlemen, Every day, you are more and more numerous to read these pages ; people of every age group, sharing a passion for men’s style. Discovering classic men’s style was a shock for me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not only speaking for myself here. A few simple notions and a little education on the [...] Read more – ‘My Experience on How to Build a Wardrobe’
EN tete
PG’s recommendations : The 2013 Shoes Edition
Gentlemen, As we are busy working on the third version of our website, which will be released in the coming weeks, and which hopefully represents for PG a true watershed in terms of design, ergonomics, typography and overall ease of use, we have decided to tackle once again, four of our most-requested articles : introducing the [...] Read more – ‘PG’s recommendations : The 2013 Shoes Edition’
For the Love of Proportions! Ties, Lapels and Shirt Collars
It’s a simple formula worth knowing: The widest part of the lapel and the widest part of the tie should be similar in width. We especially like this illustration by : The next time you wonder why someone looks so good in a suit, note the lapel/tie width ratio and see if it is influencing your [...] Read more – ‘For the Love of Proportions! Ties, Lapels and Shirt Collars’
Guyot collar
Study and Variation on the Jacket Pockets by Paul Grassart
Gentlemen, Here is a small article coutresy of our friend Paul Grassart (website – in french : Paul Grassart Tailleur), about the all-too-often forgotten jacket pockets : Read more – ‘Study and Variation on the Jacket Pockets by Paul Grassart’
Gatsby détail 1
The PG Guide to Quality Seals: A New Global Platform Dedicated to Men’s Elegance
Today is a special day for the PG Team because after months of work, the beta version of the global guide to quality seals dedicated to men’s elegance is to be released. We take this important day (and not for the sake of the end of the world) to explain the philosophy, use and developments [...] Read more – ‘The PG Guide to Quality Seals: A New Global Platform Dedicated to Men’s Elegance’
The man behind the clothes
-By Sonya Nicholson Some texts are better left untouched, as I am sure that I’m not able to improve upon John Henry Newman’s words regarding what makes a true gentleman, from The Idea of a University (1852). And so, with no commentary needed, we launch into the specific description of a gentleman, as written by Newman. This simple page [...] Read more – ‘The man behind the clothes’
Personal Style Personified — How to Do It
-By Sonya Nicholson Stop and stare.  Yes, Rita Hayworth had this power over millions.  The personal style that she developed for herself, created a feeling of blissful dizziness among those who were lucky enough to know her.  Developing her personal style didn’t happen in a vacuum…Rita made it happen…and each of us can create our own [...] Read more – ‘Personal Style Personified — How to Do It’
The best of the worst
Gentlemen, As keen observers of masculine elegance, we often stumble on gross sartorial errors. With just a few details that are rather easy to master, these flaws still suffice to ruin the elegance of potentially very well assemble suits. Let us surf the positive wave of a diversity of images on the Net to remind [...] Read more – ‘The best of the worst’
Foulard !!
The perfect knot
Gentlemen, I am often asked on the controversial subject of tie knots in general and on my favorite knot in particular. Here is what I consider to be THE most interesting, becoming and practical… but not the easiest to achieve. Meet Old Bertie, that our friend Marc Guyot views, consistent with his nature and quintessential [...] Read more – ‘The perfect knot’
Old Bertie
PG Selection: Alden Tanker Boots for Leffot NYC
Gentlemen, Those of you in the know on (very) beautiful shoes worldwide have certainly heard about Leffot, THE essential New York address for the cognoscenti of beautiful footwear. The multibrand boutique overseen by the highly pleasant and knowledgeable Steven Taffel offers the Manhattan shoe-conscious a very beautiful selection of footwear from top international labels, including, [...] Read more – ‘PG Selection: Alden Tanker Boots for Leffot NYC’
How to fold suits and shirts in a suitcase
Gentlemen, Just recently, ten days of intense travelling during which I had to pack and unpack my suitcase almost every day brought the constant difficulty of folding my suits and my shirts. Long after giving up on the very cumbersome and constricting suit carriers, as none of them had ever convinced me, I have joined [...] Read more – ‘How to fold suits and shirts in a suitcase’
In praise of contrasts
Gentlemen, No, this shall not be an umpteenth article on the diversity and wealth of cultural difference, but more prosaically a piece praising shirts with contrasting collars and/or cuffs. In the last few months, I must admit to having become quite fond of such shirts, which I used to consider as the exclusive stuff of [...] Read more – ‘In praise of contrasts’
Windowpane pattern : worth trying
Gentlemen, Since the ubiquitous yet gifted Tom Ford has brought back windowpane patterned suits in 2009 for a publicity campaign that was quite hard to miss (see below), the pattern is more and more often seen in quality ready-to-wear and made to measure collections, and of course, in bespoke. For history’s sake, this very particular [...] Read more – ‘Windowpane pattern : worth trying’
How to wear the double-breasted suit
Gentlemen, For almost two years, PG has been advocating for a full force return of the double-breasted suit in your closet, and to convince you to try the very elegant and flattering DB suit. In the last edition of The Rake, Bruce G. Boyer, who we consider the safest author in terms of taste and [...] Read more – ‘How to wear the double-breasted suit’
Trouser-presses by Corby of Windsor
Gentlemen, Since 1930, British brand Corby of Windsor has been making excellent traditional trouser-presses. These presses promise to leave an impeccable pleat on your trousers and are available in several finishes (ash, beech, walnut and chestnut) for a very reasonable 100 – 200 euros. Their British service is of course flawless and delivery always swift. [...] Read more – ‘Trouser-presses by Corby of Windsor’