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Bespoke Tailoring : the Parisian Devil is in the Details…
Gentlemen, it’s now rather well known and accepted among all the bespoke enthusiasts in the world that French Tailoring houses are literally obsessed by exquisite finishing details and truly perpetuate the French “Haute Couture” tradition and know-how. As a Cifonelli long time faithful client, I can personally testify that it’s true. Case in point : [...] Read more – ‘Bespoke Tailoring : the Parisian Devil is in the Details…’
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My Experience on How to Build a Wardrobe
Gentlemen, Every day, you are more and more numerous to read these pages ; people of every age group, sharing a passion for men’s style. Discovering classic men’s style was a shock for me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not only speaking for myself here. A few simple notions and a little education on the [...] Read more – ‘My Experience on How to Build a Wardrobe’
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PG’s recommendations : The 2013 Shoes Edition
Gentlemen, As we are busy working on the third version of our website, which will be released in the coming weeks, and which hopefully represents for PG a true watershed in terms of design, ergonomics, typography and overall ease of use, we have decided to tackle once again, four of our most-requested articles : introducing the [...] Read more – ‘PG’s recommendations : The 2013 Shoes Edition’
Pull Your Pants Up — Raising the Trouser Waistline
As recent as 2010, high-waisted trousers have been synonymous with getting old. In the article Why wearing trousers high on your waist like Simon Cowell is a sure sign you are getting old , by MailOnline, we see clearly how, at this time, a low waist was seen as youthful and a high waist was associated with [...] Read more – ‘Pull Your Pants Up — Raising the Trouser Waistline’
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For the Love of Proportions! Ties, Lapels and Shirt Collars
It’s a simple formula worth knowing: The widest part of the lapel and the widest part of the tie should be similar in width. We especially like this illustration by : The next time you wonder why someone looks so good in a suit, note the lapel/tie width ratio and see if it is influencing your [...] Read more – ‘For the Love of Proportions! Ties, Lapels and Shirt Collars’
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Pull yourself together : A Belt & Braces Commentary on Modern Man’s Silhouette
A Belt & Braces Commentary on Modern Man’s Silhouette by Dr Benjamin Wild GETTING IT UNDER MY BELT I’ve never liked belts. They disrupt the clothed silhouette by gathering and puckering fabric. They form an unsightly bulge beneath jumpers and look awkward peeking below a waistcoat, along with the tie end, untucked shirt and [...] Read more – ‘Pull yourself together : A Belt & Braces Commentary on Modern Man’s Silhouette’
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(A Text On) The Art of Being Discreet and A Few Secrets That You May Not Know
It is a mad world when the rich and famous are checking into rehab centers and the people of the working class feel anxious about whether they will be able to hold on to the very jobs that they dislike doing. Sometimes the world feels a little upside-down and the unimportant gets confused with the [...] Read more – ‘(A Text On) The Art of Being Discreet and A Few Secrets That You May Not Know’
A good sartorial education can change your life
Gentlemen, At the risk of sounding a bit categorical in the eye of those who stumbled onto this page by chance – though unlikely as it is since PG is by essence, a website promoting research, study and attentive reading as opposed to idle browsing – today, we chose a title which, beyond its apparent [...] Read more – ‘A good sartorial education can change your life’
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A Second Look at Trouser Turnups (Cuffs)
In Europe, more men seem to be wearing cuffed trousers lately.  Whether men have been influenced by jean legs being turned up in almost every style and online magazine imaginable, or whether men are just looking for a change in their wardrobe, perhaps the trouser cuff deserves a closer look to understand its history and [...] Read more – ‘A Second Look at Trouser Turnups (Cuffs)’
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Choosing the Right Shirt Collar
The collar of a shirt may seem like it is a small part of  the overall look of an ensemble, and choosing a shirt collar may feel like a simple choice based on personal taste. Still, it is hard to ignore, once aware of how the wrong choice of a shirt collar can distract from an otherwise [...] Read more – ‘Choosing the Right Shirt Collar’
Summer, Finally — Men in White
Tom Ford. It has been a long awaited change of season, as Europe has been in strange warp of  the wet and the overcast (with France having 50 percent less sunshine this spring than average). With the perpetual inundation of blogs, television shows, and movies where well-dressed men prevail, it’s hard not to notice how [...] Read more – ‘Summer, Finally — Men in White’
A Shoulder That Sings: The Second Signal of a Handmade Suit
The thing we know about men is that if they love a certain thing, then they are capable of immersing themselves in the subject of their affection until they become gurus in their own right. And, it is a little fascinating for women to watch this drive that men have to pursue and grasp technical information about [...] Read more – ‘A Shoulder That Sings: The Second Signal of a Handmade Suit’
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How the Necktie Conquered the World
-By Sonya Nicholson Brioni, The Regiment Tie, Purple. The Regiment Tie communicates respect for convention, seriousness, straight-talk, and perhaps a little “frat boy” churned into the mix. Serious or relaxed…a perfect choice; but, be careful not to infringe upon a regiment or club by wearing a regiment tie that has been designed to represent a [...] Read more – ‘How the Necktie Conquered the World’
How to fold suits and shirts in a suitcase
Gentlemen, Just recently, ten days of intense travelling during which I had to pack and unpack my suitcase almost every day brought the constant difficulty of folding my suits and my shirts. Long after giving up on the very cumbersome and constricting suit carriers, as none of them had ever convinced me, I have joined [...] Read more – ‘How to fold suits and shirts in a suitcase’
How to wear the double-breasted suit
Gentlemen, For almost two years, PG has been advocating for a full force return of the double-breasted suit in your closet, and to convince you to try the very elegant and flattering DB suit. In the last edition of The Rake, Bruce G. Boyer, who we consider the safest author in terms of taste and [...] Read more – ‘How to wear the double-breasted suit’
Little cheat sheet of shirt rules
Gentlemen, Following our “Anatomy of a quality shirt” article, here are a few basic and timeless rules to know and follow for the best shirt fit (imperative, especially with a beautiful suit). Most of these rules are not inspired by high-level sartorial culture, but simply based on common sense and observation. Respecting them, including in [...] Read more – ‘Little cheat sheet of shirt rules’
Hugo’s recommendations Part 3: shoes
Gentlemen, Here is the third part of my recommendations, this time, on shoes. Like in the previous articles of this series, recommendations are organized by price range so that everyone can find the right footwear for his budget. As a long time shoe lover, I had to make drastic choices to keep this post legible [...] Read more – ‘Hugo’s recommendations Part 3: shoes’
Hugo’s Recommendations Part 2: RTW suits
Gentlemen, Following the success of my first post on shirt recommendations and to acquiesce to the flow of requests for follow up articles, I propose today my selection of ready-to-wear suits, organized by price range. Before getting into the core of the subject, let’ me start with a preamble outlining my method and, most importantly, [...] Read more – ‘Hugo’s Recommendations Part 2: RTW suits’
Anatomy of a quality shirt: guidelines
Gentlemen, Following our recommendations on shirts, here is a brief “practical” summary of the details to look for when purchasing a shirt. They will help you immediately assess quality and tip the balance to ultimately prefer one over another. Be cautious, the absence of one or more of these details should not necessarily ban a [...] Read more – ‘Anatomy of a quality shirt: guidelines’
A Parisian Gentleman’s event : The tailor’s dictionary (letter G)
This serie of posts is published with the courtesy of Scabal, Bespoken (Scabal’s magazine promoting a tailor-made lifestyle) and Alan Cannon Jones (Director for Menswear and Bespoke Tailoring at the London College of Fashion) © Bespoken – Scabal G GATHERING The shortening of the fabric length by drawing together and holding a succession of small [...] Read more – ‘A Parisian Gentleman’s event : The tailor’s dictionary (letter G)’