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PG’s Recommendations : The 2014 Ready-To-Wear Men’s Suit Review Edition
Gentlemen, It is our pleasure to publish today the Parisian Gentleman Selection of Ready-to-Wear Suits for 2014 ! This selection covers 39 houses and brands that have been carefully selected over a period of several months, with the valuable input of a few collaborators from the international sartorial scene, a method which is a first [...] Read more – ‘PG’s Recommendations : The 2014 Ready-To-Wear Men’s Suit Review Edition’
Berluti Makes Us Lust Again: The Berluti White Suit
The Berluti story is more than a story of desire for shoes that render a sweet feeling of vertigo—the Berluti rise to stardom is more like a novel filled with risk-taking and in-your-face attitude and perhaps some of the most beautiful (if at certain times delicate) patina-finished shoes in the world. But on the subject [...] Read more – ‘Berluti Makes Us Lust Again: The Berluti White Suit’
Berluti White 3
The Immortal Pour Un Homme de Caron
Simplicity is a virtue. The strongest message is often the simplest one… that is, the one void of anything but the message itself. But sometimes, simplicity is hard to achieve, whether in the area of men’s style, literature, cinema, or perfumery. Simplicity demands the maturity to resist the temptation of overdoing the task. When in [...] Read more – ‘The Immortal Pour Un Homme de Caron’
The Ideal Garment Bag ?
Gentlemen, We’re finally back home after a pretty intense bout of travel during which we took no less than eight flights over the course of ten days, and our trusty suits were of course part of the trip. As many of you know,  it is very stressful to take along suits on a plane, as [...] Read more – ‘The Ideal Garment Bag ?’
The Elegant Rebel : Mouchoir de Monsieur
The day I lost my perfume sample collection was tragic indeed. I was eight or nine years old back then. Stashed in a shiny little black cardboard box that I kept at the back of my closet was my treasure—that is, a truly ridiculous amount of perfume samples haphazardly thrown into a messy pile. I [...] Read more – ‘The Elegant Rebel : Mouchoir de Monsieur’
Green Day
Gentlemen, today is Saint Patrick’s Day, and green reigns supreme ! We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that green is a color you should consider wearing outside of such occasions. Although sadly absent from most ready-to-wear collections, green is nonetheless a color with fantastic potential. While green shirts and suits remain [...] Read more – ‘Green Day’
Hugo for Berluti
The Canvas War Has Been Declared (part 2)
Gentlemen, As a follow-up to our previous article dedicated to canvassing techniques in ready-to-wear, the fantastic Julien Scavini kindly sent us this little (clickable) picture below, which conveniently puts the entire article in a nutshell. A heartfelt thanks to Julien ! ( Cheers, HUGO Read more – ‘The Canvas War Has Been Declared (part 2)’
The Canvas War Has Been Declared
Gentlemen, As you probably already know, it’s safe to say that there is a general consensus that canvassing – or lack thereof – is a key point that differentiates the suits of an honorable-make from those destined for mass consumption. As a key factor in terms of quality, the subject of canvassing may have started [...] Read more – ‘The Canvas War Has Been Declared’
Hugo Jacomet’s interview for Santa Eulalia Barcelona
This interview has been originally published in Spanish on Santa Eulalia’s blog. If you read Spanish, you can find the original piece here : Entrevista a Hugo Jacomet This is the english transcription of this interview, given this fall by Hugo to Santa Eulalia, one of PG’s favorite place in Spain. Interview with Hugo Jacomet Tell [...] Read more – ‘Hugo Jacomet’s interview for Santa Eulalia Barcelona’
Sport Jacket
The Beauty of the Gesture : The Movie
Gentlemen, As you probably know, if you’ve been following us for the past few years, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity a while back to live a fantastic adventure with our friends at Maison Corthay. This collaboration allowed us to produce and direct “La Beauté Du Geste”, filmed during the Corthay Excellence Run event, the first [...] Read more – ‘The Beauty of the Gesture : The Movie’
LBDG Titre - copie
O’Mast : My Tailor is a Hero
Gentlemen, This article was written to correct an injustice. The beautiful movie dedicated to Neapolitans master tailors « O’Mast » released at the end of 2011 never made its way into a proper article on this website until now. A mistake indeed, for its gifted director Gianluca Migliarotti – a children of Naples himself – is worthy [...] Read more – ‘O’Mast : My Tailor is a Hero’
Title 1
“I am Dandy , The Return of the Elegant Gentleman”
Gentlemen, yesterday, we had the pleasure of receiving I am Dandy , The Return of the Elegant Gentleman, by our good friends Rose Callahan and Nathaniel Adams. It is, thus, with a bit of pressure that I’m going to indulge in the doubly-perilous task of delivering a literary and photographic review of my first impressions. You could say [...] Read more – ‘“I am Dandy , The Return of the Elegant Gentleman”’
Summer, Finally — Men in White
Tom Ford. It has been a long awaited change of season, as Europe has been in strange warp of  the wet and the overcast (with France having 50 percent less sunshine this spring than average). With the perpetual inundation of blogs, television shows, and movies where well-dressed men prevail, it’s hard not to notice how [...] Read more – ‘Summer, Finally — Men in White’
The return from Savile Row
Gentlemen, we just returned from a four-day trip to Savile Row in which we had the honor to participate in the “Bespoke Tailors Benevolent Association” (BTBA) dinner, at the invitation of Anda Rowland (Anderson & Sheppard) and Michael and William Skinner (Dege & Skinner), of whom we warmly thank. As always, the stay in London [...] Read more – ‘The return from Savile Row’
The PG Guide to Quality Seals: A New Global Platform Dedicated to Men’s Elegance
Today is a special day for the PG Team because after months of work, the beta version of the global guide to quality seals dedicated to men’s elegance is to be released. We take this important day (and not for the sake of the end of the world) to explain the philosophy, use and developments [...] Read more – ‘The PG Guide to Quality Seals: A New Global Platform Dedicated to Men’s Elegance’
A Noble Cause
As we are not accustomed to participating in fund raising events, a cause has come to our attention that Parisian Gentleman readers may want to know about and support. There is a project taking place right now to develop a 96-minute film celebrating master tailors who have dedicated their lives to making only the finest [...] Read more – ‘A Noble Cause’
Maison Degand/Parisian Gentlemen book launch in Brussels on December 7th and 8th
Gentlemen, We are happy to announce that a second book launch/signing will be held for James Sherwood’s The Perfect Gentleman, the pursuit of timeless elegance and style in London on December 7th and 8th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the sumptuous Maison Degand in Brussels The event will provide our Belgian readers with [...] Read more – ‘Maison Degand/Parisian Gentlemen book launch in Brussels on December 7th and 8th’
New Cifonelli designs
Gentlemen, Once again, it is our great delight to introduce our readers to a preview of the three latest bespoke creations signed by Cifonelli. We know our readership expects excellence and the three pieces do not disappoint, including a simply breathtaking double-breasted suit. I am very familiar with this three piece suit comprising of a [...] Read more – ‘New Cifonelli designs’
Ralph Lauren / Parisian Gentleman event on November 29 in Paris
Gentlemen, As announced recently, Parisian gentleman is co-hosting, with Ralph Lauren and Thames and Hudson, an exceptional cocktail for the launch of James Sherwood’s new book, The Perfect Gentleman, the pursuit of timeless elegance and style in London on November 29th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will be held in the sumptuous [...] Read more – ‘Ralph Lauren / Parisian Gentleman event on November 29 in Paris’
AD15388 James Sherwood Invite
Malford of London: an e-store to remember…
Gentlemen, For a few years, we have been witnessing the almost weekly emergence of online shops dedicated to end of lines and overstock by the great names of masculine style. Of course, exponential growth goes hand in hand with an offer varying in quality, selection, sizes available (often the least common in men are the [...] Read more – ‘Malford of London: an e-store to remember…’