Fashion vs Style : a few thoughts



PG is developing fast and comes in for daily criticism of course, mainly from the pure fashion aficionados. These fashionistas are often young and think that classic style lovers (like us) rigorously follow strict rules, whereas they are completely free and able to re-invent their style each season. To put it more clearly, they think we are out-of-date and that the sartorial elegance to which we aspire is nothing more than a straightjacket that inhibits our creativeness, or even worse, our personality…

Without launching into a fruitless rant, these radical comments still made me think a bit.

First of all, the main difference between Fashion and Style is a difference in reasoning; it has nothing to do with age or financial means.

There is a fundamental difference between us; fashion addicts are always looking to shine, while those of us who prefer a classic style are simply looking to be dressed discreetly and harmoniously.

This difference shows when one compares the way in which ones “deals” with a new garment. The fashion victim, who wishes to show off his new t-shirt or jacket, will do everything to put it to the forefront of his outfit; a classic style lover typically does exactly the opposite – he will look for harmony between his new tie or his new shirt, for example, and the existing garments in his wardrobe. Shiny versus harmony, that’s the heart of the matter; they go for the moment (an evening, a season, a collection), and we go for the long term (several years).

And for those who talk about so-called “freedom”, it is worth pointing out that fashion is a collective thing, mass-marketed even, whereas style is something much more personal? This, you will admit, casts doubt on the idea that the fashion victims are more free and less uptight than us…

What to make of those who only follow the latest fads or fashionable designers then ?  We style lovers don’t jump at the latest crazes, but prefer instead to draw inspiration from the past and our own experiences. Doesn’t that make us freer?

Fashion followers go for a look, style lovers look for natural elegance.

They work in the present, the moment even; we work in the long term – in the future.

Cheers, HUGO