Cesare Attolini: new casual jackets for winter


Cesare Attolini: new casual jackets for winter


Each year, exceptional, rare (and expensive) Neapolitan label Cesare Attolini, presents us with breathtaking creations full of character. They are the stuff as the elegant dreams of thousands round the world are made of, and will be worn by the luckiest (and wealthiest) among them.

Just as the Italian label is finally ready to open a shop out of its country of origin – in Madison Avenue in New York (sadly not in Paris…) – it has just revealed the first previews of its Fall-winter collection, which promises to be more impressive than ever in terms of material quality and construction.

These little wonders are all unlined, pure cashmere jackets, of typical Neapolitan construction (with a natural shoulder). The online American Esquire describes them as being surprisingly light (despite looking like a good ol’ thick english tweed). Its (lucky) reporter also speaks of a fabric made with cashmere yarn initially spun for knits and specially woven for Attolini.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Cheers, HUGO