PG Curio:
Dimple Clip


PG Curio: Dimple Clip


To say that the last two or three years have been marked by a very clear rise in the number of style-conscious men is a clear understatement.

But while this far reaching trend has triggered wonderful initiatives, especially online where virtual shops have been surfing the wave of micro market niches (like the Hanger Project who was first to specialize in made-to-measure hangers), it has also started to reap its first excesses…

Indeed, the offer  we have just discovered today (eluding us for the entire year it seems to have been in existence), does not respond to a micro market, but to a nano market!

This “boutique” offers one single product (sold in boxes of 3): the DIMPLE CLIP, who has the obscure purpose to create the shape of a droplet in the folds of the necktie under the knot!

Never having tried such a surprising little gadget, I won’t report on its efficiency. But it might just find a public in proponents of the little twist – I can see how successfully achieving the desired drop shape on the necktie in the morning is part of life’s small pleasures…

As a young boy, I remember often wearing “pre-tied” neckties with an elastic band that went around the collar. And let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure we all experimented with those horrible ready-to-use bowties at least once in our life, even though they robbed us of the unspeakable pleasure of successfully, after many failed attempts, managing to tie an acceptable knot for the first time.

Without any a priori on such a product, we feel that we should keep in mind the following words by Bruce Boyer :

“Some wrinkles always differentiate the boy from the man. Indeed, the neophyte invariably seeks to appear impeccable and to conform: it is his great mistake and a trap. The rehearsed nonchalance that is sprezzatura is rather a quest for perfection and the art to make it seem like it was all just an accident. It conveys an ease that brings it all together. When a man matches all the colours he wears (or who always wears perfectly dropped neckties) seems to us like a gent who is trying too hard: it is indeed his efforts and not his talents, that he is displaying.”

For those of you who wish to find out more about this unusual item,follow the link : DIMPLE CLIP

Cheers, HUGO