PG Curio : Darcy Clothing


PG Curio : Darcy Clothing


This shop and its online version should ravish those who recognized themselves in The Chap manifesto, as well as collectors and the boldest amongst you… (and I can name a few !).

Welcome to “Darcy Clothing” (former “vintage shirt company”), a true institution of vintage clothing based in Lewes, an obscure little city of the East Sussex, since recently accessible online.

Quite simply, the online shop boasts the impossible to find: removable rigid collar stays from all eras (and their matching shirts), arm bands for excessive sleeve length (or the occasional croupier) collar studs, tie tacks, garters (for socks), but also an impressive collection of hats, knee socks (including Corgis), underwears, trousers, pyjamas, suspenders, and all kinds of ties and bowties…

In other words, a true sartorial gold mine for the discerning vintage lovers and thrill seekers.

Personally, even though I would only wear a few select objects from this out-of-time boutique, I still find the whole concept thoroughly captivating. And I know for a fact that some of you will be delighted at the prospect of owning one of the numerous pieces the shop has on display. Here are a few examples of what it has to offer, at a very reasonable price…

Arm Bands

Collar Studs

Tie Stick Pins


Sock Suspenders

Stiff collars

Oh, you crazy Brits !