LVMH project
for Berluti


LVMH project for Berluti


You probably know that Antoine Arnault, young son of Bernard Arnault from LVMH, has recently taken the helm of the Berluti house.

For some time now, the Rue Marbeuf label has been known as, and the official statements of the group confirms it, the “hidden treasure” of the Bernard Arnault Group (which means a high potential in terms of investment and international development).

The rumour has been going around for quite some time in the (small) world of (high) luxury: in a single week, it has been brought up to us 5 times by 5 different sources, unbeknownst to one another. Of course, this “information” is to be taken with lots of caution, but it seems credible enough to be shared with our readership.

Basically, LVMH reportedly has a long term plan to make Berluti an international (as in “global”) brand, not exclusively centered on shoes, seeking to extend its appeal to the entire masculine style spectrum (suits, accessories).

Again, we are not judging what may be no more than a rumour (persistent yes, but hard to confirm) but given our role in the circle of masculine elegance aficionados, it seemed like an information worth sharing nonetheless.

Contrary to other sites and forums, PG unflinchingly supports Berluti. Beyond the endless debates on leather quality, sourcing, and Blake assembly, this label has, with its creations, revolutionized high end shoe making in the 90s and continues to create exceptional pieces.

We are now curious too see what the Berluti suits, shirts and tie will look like…

To be continued, surely.