Ode to the colour green




For some time, I have noticed that green is particularly underused in elegant men’s ensembles. As we have all observed, green remains tragically rare in shirts and neckties.

A shame indeed, for green is a colour that has tremendous coordination potential ; its rarity makes it original by default, and allows one a dash of boldness while remaining discreet – what’s more, green is a colour perfectly adapted to almost any circumstances.

So, I just went ahead and decided to make it one of my trademarks. Whether on business, casual or more formal occasions, green is a highly enjoyable colour to wear.

To prove my point, I am including this photograph taken yesterday on the Champs-Élysées.

With my single-breasted (super 120, wool and cashmere)  grey two-button Cifonelli bespoke suit, I am wearing a bespoke Courtot shirt with thin green stripes and a tab collar, a green Charvet necktie with vertical stripes and ready-to-wear Belphegor Corthay shoes with a light olive green patina.

Please note that my pack of cigarettes being green as well is completely unintentional!

Cheers, HUGO