"Boxing Clever" by
Joshua Osborne
For Timothy Everest


“Boxing Clever” by Timothy Everest


We regularly receive links from labels requesting to have their collection films featured on PG. Because we generally find these movies (much) too conceptual and even borderline comprehensible (especially the very fashionable movies released by luxury labels), we have never been compelled to relay those rather uninteresting productions.

The movie we are offering to you today was made by Joshua Osborne as a diploma project before graduating from the Chelsea School of Arts. Aside from its exceptionnal visuals, the very beautiful and strongly 40s inspired suits that is features make for a very intriguing watch.

The movie was shot in a London boxing venue and all male characters, boxers and fans alike, are wearing Tim Everest garments. Pleasing to the eye, the movie has both aesthetic and indie qualities, unlike the first productions I mentioned, and has the added benefit of featuring very beautiful clothes to admire…

Here is the link: BOXING CLEVER

To watch preferably in HD, to better enjoy all the stunning details.

The link is also available on our Facebook page.

Cheers, HUGO