A (nearly) perfect combination




Today’s post is to shed light on a particularly interesting example that perfectly demonstrates the subtle art of mixing colours and patterns.

It is a composition found in the F/W collection by Brioni, which PG appreciates to its true (and high) value.

At first glance, there is no doubt that the ensemble is very well executed and that the colour blend is well-balanced. Needless to say, each piece is a wonder in itself, especially the burgundy blazer and the chocolate cardigan, both in pure cashmere.

Nevertheless, we consider that one detail falls short of the aesthetic intention, as it goes against a fundamental principle that we have often explored in these lines, namely pattern combinations.

Indeed, the very similar patterns on the bowtie and coat divert the gaze away from the face and ultimately somehow blur the overall result.

The rule being bent here is simple: when blending two similar patterns (in this case, checks), make sure that they are of different dimensions (which is not the case here).

In addition, the bowtie being in (excessively) perfect harmony with the coat suitably exemplifies “anti-sprezzatura” (the famous purposeful nonchalance).

In other words, if you met this handsome gent on the street you would immediately know that he had thought long and hard about his outfit.

Now, picture the same ensemble with a block colour bowtie: the effect would have been far more nonchalant and therefore, a lot more spontaneous.

One single flaw with our analysis: its collapses if you take off the coat…

Cheers, HUGO