PG Selection: Alden
Tanker Boots for
Leffot NYC



Those of you in the know on (very) beautiful shoes worldwide have certainly heard about Leffot, THE essential New York address for the cognoscenti of beautiful footwear.

The multibrand boutique overseen by the highly pleasant and knowledgeable Steven Taffel offers the Manhattan shoe-conscious a very beautiful selection of footwear from top international labels, including, among others: Pierre Corthay, Aubercy, Edward Green, Weston, Alden and Gaziano & Girling, all gathered in a bona fide hall of fame of quality footwear in a charming West Village neighbourhood.

Leffot’s reputation in New York is such that some manufacturers gladly create lines destined to be sold exclusively in its shop. These Leffot exclusives are often very well made.

Case in point: the gorgeous cordovan (equine leather) Tanker Boots below, made by Alden and only sold at Leffot.

Generally speaking, I do not wear outdoor shoes build for comfort and durability. Yet, I must admit that the result (and even the entire line of a kind of product that is often a bit chunky) is nothing short of remarkable.

The only sad point is that this particular model is only available in Leffot in New York and, at the time of writing this article, very few pairs were left…

Well done Alden and Leffot, keep up the good work !

Cheers, HUGO