Words of elegance, elegance of words



It has been a while since I started contemplating the idea of writing a small series entirely dedicated to the words we use in our desperate (and maybe useless) attempts to qualify elegance as we see it , most often fortuitously.

The idea underlying this small series is absolutely NOT to assemble an umpteenth technical glossary. That would only be of limited interest to anyone but aspiring tailors, cutters, assemblers or cordwainers.

The inspiration veers more towards errings within an incredibly rich semantic field which, I hope, will allow us once more to trespass the line of a mere description, and to step into a the emotional side and give our subject of interest a new layer (needless to say, going beyond wool weight) of interest.

So as of this (very) quiet early August morning in Paris, I dive into this new venture with a shiver of stage fright. For the occasion, I have selected a first series of 6 words that I was startled to veer as often as I do, and which I yearn to define further: Subtle, Beauty, Flamboyant, Nuance and Chic.

As early as this afternoon, we shall open this series with a word often associated with our beautiful country: Chic. Did you know its origins lay on the other side of the Rhine, making it more Berlin than Paris?

Wir sind Berliner !

Cheers, HUGO