Costume Limité:
At last a really
good deal!




We have just stumbled upon a Dutch web site, which should be of interest to a number of our readers. Indeed, it specializes in ends of lines (absolutely new products) exclusively from very high-level masculine style labels.

This very well done web site offers exceptional items from Brioni, Kiton, Fray, Borelli, Tom Ford, Attolini, and Ralph Lauren Purple Label, among others, to shockingly low prices discounted from just below 50% to 80% from regular prices.

Here are a few examples:

Attolini suit in super 160 wool, size 52, €1,499 (from €3,500)

Brioni suit in super 150 wool, size 54, €1,199 (from €3,000)

Three piece suit by Tom Ford, 50% mohair and 50% cashmere, size 54, €2,499 (from €6,000)

Fray button down cotton shirt, size 41, €149 (from €600)

Chino trouser by Brioni, 100% cotton, size 54 (US 38) €174 (from €600)

Seven-fold silk necktie by Kiton, €84 (from €240)

Of course, as for all excellent bargains, your eye must be keen, you must stalk garments in your size and, needless to say, trust your luck. But given what is readily available, this website should have something for many of you.

Here is the link to this new find: Costume Limité.

We wish you a pleasant browsing !

Cheers, HUGO