Superdry + Timothy Everest


Superdry + Timothy Everest


As you probably know, PG has the highest respect for the work of Sir Timothy Everest, London tailor emeritus who needs no further introductions. For many years now, Timothy has been providing a meeting point between traditional tailoring and a much more modern style, an outstanding position to take on the Row.

For some time, Tim has been leading (after instigating) a genuine trend he labeled “Bespoke Casual”, aiming to unlock the exclusive bond between bespoke and classic suits to set it free to explore other means of expression, such as jeans, casual jackets and … technical cycling garments.

In the last few years, the very prolific Tim has also multiplied partnerships with such diverse brands as Rapha (cycling clothes), Brooks (manufacturer of cycling saddles and accessories) and Cambridge Members (Korean label of gentlemen’s wear). Most recently, he teamed with Superdry, very popular with the youth because of its well-executed fusion between Japanese graphics and the sartorial codes of so-called American “cultural heritage”.

Now, when Sir Everest speaks of partnership, he means more than merely licensing mainstream brands seeking to benefit from the notoriety of his London East End bespoke atelier. Indeed, a partnership with him leads to genuine collaborative work with Tim and his team.

Here are a few examples :

Rapha + Timothy Everest

Cambridge Members + Timothy Everest

Brooks + Timothy Everest

Just recently, Superdry launched, with Timothy’s support, a small “capsule” collection (a word of the times referring to a small collection of just a few pieces) you can check out, along with an interview conducted with Tim in his Spitalfields workshop, right here:  SUPERDRY + TIMOTHY EVEREST.

Cheers, HUGO