First images of
Smalto’s 50th
anniversary book



As the end of 2012 draws near, the label established in 1962 by bespoke-icon Francesco Smalto is getting ready to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.

As part of the celebrations, Smalto will publish in a few weeks and through a partnership with a Parisian publisher (Éditions du Cherche-Midi), a beautiful book on the history of the label and its eponymous founder. I was honored to participate as a contributor with an interview included in the chapter on bespoke.

Today, we are glad to offer our readers a first glimpse of the cover and back of what is shaping up to be one of the most important books of the Fall/Winter 2012 for the (many) amateurs of masculine style and sartorial culture.

For this important milestone, Smalto is also releasing, in line with the “Heritage” micro collection we wrote two articles about in December 2010 (Smalto Héritage 1 and Smalto Héritage 2), another small collection consisting of new interpretations of the main signature styles of the label. This collection will also showcase very specific details including lapel notch bound by handmade travettas.

Cheers, HUGO