John Lobb and
Aston Martin



On September 17th , I was invited to Brussels by the Maison Degand. After a magnificent dinner at the no less magnificent and Michelin-starred Chalet de la Forêt (masterfully managed by talented chef Pascal Devalkeneer), I was introduced to the fruit of a partnership between two legendary British names: John Lobb and Aston Martin.

The supremely natural alliance between two labels famed for the purity and discretion of their lines led to the creation of an impressively sleek line casual shoes. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Winner Sport.

Unbearably light and aerodynamic, the Winner Sport is made of full grain calf skin and lined in sheep, with a choice of a sole in either Fire Red or Stratos White, both borrowed from the Aston Martin palette, and a specific choice of leathers best complementing the sole: bold hues with Fire Red and muted tones with Stratos White.

Although I am usually no client for this particular type of hybrid shoes, I must admit that I do like the overall line and balance of the Winner Sport. Not quite the unexpected result after all, with two giants of British design collaborating in such a manner…

The only detail that bothers me in this collaboration is the name. Doesn’t Winner Sport conjure the very opposite of the discrete elegance, tradition and quality that are the essence of both labels? Where does the appeal of such a name lie? Such pompous tag is something I would have expected from big sportswear brands, who are no stranger to marketing built on success and “heroism”. Yet this remains a minute detail in no way hindering the genuine success of the John Lobb/Aston Martin partnership.

The shoes are already available for 605 euro. Though quite high, the price tag is justified by the exceptionnal level of craftsmanship, which you do expect from stomething straight out of a Hermès workshops.

For those seeking more information and for those who simply want to drool at the gorgeous images of GT cars and luxury footwear, here is a link to the official video of the partnership, aplty titled DESIGN IN MOTION.

Cheers, HUGO