Once again, it is our great delight to introduce our readers to a preview of the three latest bespoke creations by Cifonelli.

We know our readership expects excellence and the three creations should not disappoint, so let us start with a simply breathtaking double-breasted suit, with which I am very familiar. Indeed, I was the first to own it. And wear it I did, as seen on the below photo taken by my BB Esquire colleagues at the London screening of La Beauté du Geste at the Soho Hotel.


Fairly atypical, the second jacket is a Japanese jersey winter sports jacket with slim lapels :

Lastly, here is a flannel 6 on 1 double-breasted suit with wide lapels and patch pockets. I recently had the honor of slipping on a prototype of this very high level piece, cut for Lorenzo Cifonelli himself, who happens to have a very similar body shape as mine. I consider this piece to be fairly representative of the work of the Cifonelli cousins.

Indeed, just like the house style, it blends with great success contemporay silouhettes with craftsmaship of the highest tradition. The result is a wonderful double-breasted suit, both discreet and dashing, just like we love them at PG.

Cheers, HUGO