A Noble Cause


A Noble Cause

As we are not accustomed to participating in fund raising events, a cause has come to our attention that Parisian Gentleman readers may want to know about and support.

There is a project taking place right now to develop a 96-minute film celebrating master tailors who have dedicated their lives to making only the finest bespoke tailored clothing for clients who have a real appreciation for experiencing tailoring at its finest.

These tailors, or “men of the cloth” live, breathe, and bleed bespoke tailoring.  Some of these artisans are quite advanced in age, but it is exciting to see that a younger breed of gentleman are feeling the allure of a career in tailoring, which means that our beloved craft has a chance to live on past the generation of elite craftsman that we rely on today.

If you are so inclined, you have the opportunity to participate in this campaign of awareness to draw more people into the trade and to open the eyes of many on the pleasure of experiencing true bespoke tailoring first-hand.

Vicki Vasilopoulos’ film is beautifully done, as you can see here [ Men of the Cloth ].

It would be a great honor to have you join us in supporting her cause in developing a masterpiece on tailoring at its finest. Your money will go towards editing and post-production expenses.  If you would like to give $10 or $35 or more, follow this simple link.

Cheers, the Parisian Gentleman team.