The Beauty of the Gesture : The Movie


The Beauty of the Gesture : The Movie


As you probably know, if you’ve been following us for the past few years, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity a while back to live a fantastic adventure with our friends at Maison Corthay. This collaboration allowed us to produce and direct “La Beauté Du Geste”, filmed during the Corthay Excellence Run event, the first edition – a classical car rally through the breathtaking roads of rural Switzerland and Italy, during which we had the privilege to meet with a number of peculiar and touching craftspersons, and guardians of rare and unique know-how.

The movie was screened in Paris twice at a Champs-Elysées theater beginning last year, before going on a small world tour where we had the opportunity to stop by London, Tokyo, Dubai and Hong Kong, and where we spent memorable evenings with people kind enough to bless us with their presence. In total, more than 2,500 persons showed up to see our short 35 minutes movie over the course of this small, five-stop world tour.

Today, it is our pleasure to bring you “La Beauté du Geste” online, in its full version, courtesy of Parisian Gentleman & Maison Corthay.

This short tribute to craftsmanship has been written and produced by yours truly, with the luminous complicity of Pierre Corthay. a voice of emotion, finesse and sensibility. It is our hope that you’ll appreciate this short stroll through the wonderful world of exceptional savoir-faire