Bespoke Tailoring :
the Parisian Devil
is in the Details...


Bespoke Tailoring : the Parisian Devil is in the Details…


it’s now rather well known and accepted among all the bespoke enthusiasts in the world that French Tailoring houses are literally obsessed by exquisite finishing details and truly perpetuate the French “Haute Couture” tradition and know-how.

As a Cifonelli long time faithful client, I can personally testify that it’s true. Case in point : my trousers.

Since Lorenzo Cifonelli imagined this small embroidered notch for one of my bespoke sport breeches three years ago, it has become a signature detail of all my trousers. In fact today, i can’t imagine wearing a pair of trousers (except some nice denims) without this apparently useless, but fantastically stylish detail that gives the trousers an unmissable flair…

Indeed, the devil seems to be, in France perhaps more than anywhere else in the world as long as bespoke tailoring is involved, in the details.

Cheers, HUGO