Welcome To The New Parisian Gentleman


Welcome To The New Parisian Gentleman


We are delighted to welcome you to the new Parisian Gentleman, third of its name since PG’s inception in January, 2009!

This new version is a milestone in our publishing history, and focuses and improves on three fundamentals of the reading experience :

* Taxonomy (managing content and classifying subjects)
* Site-search efficiency, and
*A book-style design for a calm reading experience.


An extensive work has been completed by Greg to make it easier to access content and to help you find your way among the 1200+ texts available.

As you can see, the « Header » has been intentionally pared down, with four simple options accessible in one-click:

– Journal : Articles published in chronological order.

– Academy : Educational articles (on both Basic and Advanced topics).

– The Best of PG : With new visitors in mind, this section displays 10 of our most popular pieces to date, including our monster reviews on shoes and suits.

– Le Guide of Quality Houses : An exciting way to display PG endorsed houses, featuring high-resolution pictures and zoomed-in detail shots, with each house showcasing 10 of their most emblematic products.

The « footer » , at the bottom of the page, lets you choose content according to your browsing preferences, including selecting reports, editorials and/or reviews with ease.

Search Feature

Our internal search engine has been greatly improved and offers a new level of efficiency. We strongly advise that you try it, as the search results during the testing period have shown very satisfactory outcomes in terms of semantic match and precision.

Reading experience

Improving the reading experience is at the center of the new design–with typography reminiscent of the days-of-old, including colors that comfort, and a lay-out intended to reproduce the experience of reading a book.

The design of the new Parisian Gentleman is from our friends at Scheybeler+company, an esteemed London creative team directed by Luke Scheybeler, co-founder of « Rapha » (for cycling aficionados), while the development was assured by the excellent The Web Kitchen agency, also located in London.

A special thanks extended to Greg Jacomet, PG’s editor, who has been managing this long and exhaustive project with dedication and panache. It’s mostly thanks to him that you are experiencing this new website now.

Please note that the very last amendments and improvements will occur during the next week or so, while the website is live. So please indulge us for a few days to give us the time to fix any small bugs that may appear and quickly reach a refined browsing experience. As an example, we have lost a few comments in the english section during the migration, as well as some social media statistics.

We heartily hope that you will appreciate this third version of PG and that you will continue to honor us with your highly-valued loyalty.

Welcome to the new Parisian Gentleman !