Cifonelli Bespoke Three New Creations


Cifonelli Bespoke Three New Creations

As it has been a PG tradition since we launched five years ago, it is our pleasure to once again bring you the latest sneak peek of Cifonelli’s most recent bespoke creations.

For those of you not yet familiar with PG and the fascinating world of bespoke tailoring, Cifonelli ranks among the very best of bespoke houses around the world—a title typically shared with only a limited number of happy few in France, Italy and England.

For the past few years, the brilliant and tireless Lorenzo Cifonelli has been designing au courant prototypes of jackets, suits and overcoats unique to the Cifonelli House. These original lines have allowed the house style to evolve unbridled, as the Cifonelli name becomes more and more known around the world under the masterful hands and the watchful eyes of Lorenzo & cousin Massimo Cifonelli.

On display today : a “Panno Casentino” wool overcoat (an especially warm” boiled wool” coat for the winter), as well as two sport jackets inspired by equestrian and military garments.

The “Blizzard” overcoat

Made from Casentino wool, the coat features eight buttons, patch pockets with flaps, a half-belt  in the back, wool lining and a goat fur collar. A most elegant way to stay warm in the winter.





The Steed Jacket

Inspired by equestrian sports (i.e., Jumping in particular) this piece features three rounded bellows patch pockets with hunting style flaps as well as French cuffs. The leather inserts (optional) bring a unique touch to an already beautiful sport jacket with a strong personality.




The Vermont Jacket

Inspired by military garments, this sport jacket is a “Three Roll Two” (i.e., three buttonholes, with one buttonhole set into the lapel roll). Two of the pockets are patch pockets, while the other two are classic flap pockets. Also featured is a half-belt in back and French cuffs.




A vigorous tailoring house that has played a paramount role in securing the unmatched reputation of Parisian Bespoke Tailoring that is known around the world.