A visit to the parisian
"Le Salon de l'Homme"

Parisian Gentleman

A Visit to the Parisian Exhibition : “le Salon de l’Homme”

Yesterday was the debut of the first edition of “Salon de l’Homme”, a brand new Parisian exhibition, and our own small take on “Pitti Uomo”. This event, taking place at the Palais de Tokyo, will be opened Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight, and will close on Sunday at 8PM.

We attended the opening, of course, and are happy to confirm that the “salon” (the French name for an exhibition) is well deserving of your time and attention, for a very nominal fee.

You will find, exceptionally, reunited under the same roof (and what a beautiful venue), a stunning selection of artisans. The full list of exhibitors is too long to cover here, but we invite you to review the list for yourself at the event’s official website : Exhibitors List.



While many names will be familiar to our faithful readers, many more are relatively confidential. The Salon de l’Homme succeeds at bringing together a wonderful assortment of houses to cover the wants and needs of most any modern gentleman.

To our pleasure, the displays of longtime PG partners Cifonelli and Moynat happen to be facing one another, as you can see on the picture below.


Notably, at this exhibition, half the fun comes from the discovery of small and confidential houses that you probably would never have come across if it weren’t for such an event. As a journalist, I was overtaken by the imperious urge to write a piece on almost each and every house that I encountered…keep an eye out for this one (and that one), over the next couple of months on PG !

The salon’s angle is intriguing, as it jumps far beyond the boundaries of menswear, to cover a much wider range of products aimed at a masculine audience : from glasses to surfboards, to knives, leather works, grooming products and… lingerie, feminine, of course.

In a nutshell, you’ll discover most all the toys for boys you could dream of.





The exhibition’s atmosphere reminded us a lot of the Pitti Uomo, on a smaller scale—even though the June-and-December Florentine salon is currently the absolute reference in our sphere.

The main difference in Paris is the target audience. While the Pitti Uomo is a professional-only event, the Salon de l’Homme is open to the public at large, and to prospective customers too — Pitti is notoriously frustrating in that regard : for as far as the eye can see, gorgeous pieces of work are on display, but you can’t buy a thing unless it’s a bulk purchase.

Inversely, the Salon de l’Homme has tons of stuff that you can buy on the spot.

Admittedly, this is one of the event’s goals, as one of the founders confessed : the Salon de l’Homme was partly created for those who dreamed of a place to gather together everything of interest for the modern man. It could be said that the Salon de l’Homme is like a diverse giant pop-up store.

We foresee a radiant future for the Salon de l’Homme; the opening night saw the Palais de Tokyo absolutely jammed pack, confirming once again, the renewed interest of men for the art de vivre that is men’s style.

Moynat au salon de l'homme

Moynat au Salon de l'Homme

The Moynat “mini-workshop”. Moynat is arguably one of tommorow’s giants.

Cifonelli Salon de l'Homme1

Cifonelli Salon de l'Homme2

The Cifonelli exhibit (created in partnership with our friends at Vitale Barberis Canonico)

Erwan and John

Erwan Camphuis and John Vizzone, respectively CEO and Style Director of Cifonelli Ready-To-Wear

Among the numerous guests yesterday were also a great number of potential representatives from big brands, who chose to pass on participating in the first edition, so they could scout out the show’s potential and gauge public interest. To say the least, they were not disappointed by what they witnessed.

Considering the success of this very first edition, it is likely we will see many more big names for next year’s event.

We at PG are thrilled by such a smashing success and hope you will be able to attend  the event as one of the pioneers to see the debut of Salon de l’Homme.

It’s high time that France brought together its most iconic, brilliant and budding artisans – something that both Italians and British have understood for some time now, as a means of promoting and defending their craftsmanship.

Our picture of the week is undoubtedly the following shot, a rare sighting of Cifonelli and Camps de Luca, finally reunited…an important  moment.

We hope to see these alliances repeated in the future, so we can finally show the world what Parisian tailoring and craftsmanship is made of !

Camps et Cifo

Longue vie au Salon de l’Homme !