Parisian Gentleman Curates for Santa Eulalia


Parisian Gentleman Curates for Santa Eulalia

Barcelona’s Santa Eulalia is one of the most beautiful department stores in the world and one of our favorite places in Europe to find well curated men’s (and women’s) clothing and fine accessories.

Santa Eulalia is a family-owned department store with a strong architectural ambiance, with clothes to satisfy the staunch traditionalist, as well as the man looking for a more modern-take on how to dress. . It’s a soothing place, even when it’s bustling, tastefully decorated and full of extras like a Champagne bar jetting out onto an inviting outdoor terrace where you can order some great Jabugo ham doused with a few drops of possibly one of the best Spanish olive oil you’ve ever tasted…

Hugo Jacomet Sonya Nicholson et Luis Sans

Hugo Jacomet et Luis Sans

What a great honor for me to have Santa Eulalia hosting the signing event for the launch of “The Parisian Gentleman”. Add to these a few other striking discoveries about what you’ll find if you visit Barcelona.

The trip to Barcelona included:

− A visit to the workshop of Norman Vilalta – a supremely talented boot maker – to retrieve a special order placed for a pair of “Chelsea-easy-derby-boots”, a hybrid, original and deeply stylish creation (as you can see below). After wearing the boots on several occasions, I can vouch for (without hesitation) Mr. Vilalta’s talent and creativity.

Vilalta Chelsea Derby Boots
− Interviews with major magazines and newspapers, including La Vanguardia and El Mundo.

− A conference and book signing at the amazing Circulo Ecuestre, a bona fide historical Gentleman’s Club with a rich history, with a select crowd of passionate guests.

Conference Circulo Ecuestre 1

Conférence Circulo Ecuestre 2

Conférence Circulo Ecuestre 3

Conférence Circulo Ecuestre 4

Conférence Circulo Ecuestre 6

Conférence Circulo Ecuestre 7

Conférence Circulo Ecuestre 5

− A new curation experience for me : Luis Sans, Santa Eulalia’s owner, literally gave me the keys to his store, and asked me to select with complete freedom 15 items available in-store and on-line on Santa Eulalia’s website. In other words, I had the pleasure of curating a selection of my favorite items. Given the sheer amount of quality items on display, it was a tall order. But the overall process proved fascinating and a lot of fun.

Shop with Hugo Jacomet 1

Shop with Hugo Jacomet 2

Shop with Hugo Jacomet 3

You can find this selection on Santa Eulalia’s website under the Shop with Hugo Jacomet moniker – but please allow me to explain the selection:

1 : Mohair Coat by Juan Avallaneda

Manteau Laine Mohair

A case of love at first sight : this remarkably original coat was designed by young & talented Catalan designer Juan Avallaneda. The rough look of the mohair wool marries perfectly with the black-and-white tartan pattern.

A surprising piece – and wonderfully warm for the cold season. You can’t deny how genuinely (and yes, originally) stylish the coat looks and feels. Juan Avallaneda is a name to remember if you appreciate a daring take on classic items. See below a luxurious white Alpaga coat, also by the same designer.

Juan Avellaneda Alpaga

2 : White Cotton Shirt by Salvatore Piccolo

Chemise Salvatore Piccolo
Because a white shirt from a reputable Neapolitan house is always a safe bet and a reliable go-to option when you need to dress well.

3 : Printed Sport Shirt by Vincenzo di Ruggiero

Chemise Imprimée Di Ruggiero

Another favorite of mine in the selection : this whole line of printed-pattern shirts by Neapolitan brand Vincenzo di Ruggerio is casual in spirit with no shortage of daring colors, fun patterns, and a healthy dose of creativity. A great find.

4 : Black and White, Leather and Cotton Braces by Santa Eulalia

Bretelles Santa Eulalia

Because every gentleman should own a pair of quality, traditional suspenders and this set more than fits the bill.

5, 6 and 7 : Simonnot Godard Handkerchiefs

Simonnot Godard 1

Simonnot Godard 2

Simonnot Godard 3

Because a few quality handkerchiefs are a must-have in any gentleman’s wardrobe, and because we can say Simonnot Godard’s mouchoirs are the best in the world.

8 : ISAIA Sport Jacket

Veste Sport ISAIA

Because we live in an era where a strong casual style helps make the man – like a beautiful jacket paired with solid trousers or with quality denim jeans. ISAIA is highly reliable Neapolitan house with good products brimming with color and personality, including this superb windowpane jacket in wool & cashmere.

9 : Pure Cashmere Sweater by Santa Eulalia

Sweater en cachemire

Because a quality cashmere sweater helps complete every wardrobe. This model by Santa Eulalia is simple, no-frills and a deliciously comfortable piece – just as natural, high-level cashmere should be.

10,11,12 : Kiton Ties

Kiton Tie 1

Kiton Tie 2

Kiton Tie 3

Because Kiton makes formidable ties you’ll find yourself wearing again and again…with up to twice as much silk as many other brands.

13 : Luxury Umbrella with Chestnut Handle

Parapluie Santa Eulalia

Because every gentlemen (especially those, unlike myself with the uncanny ability not to lose their parapluie) should own a genuine, quality, luxurious umbrella. This superb model by Santa Eulalia features a lovely chestnut handle – a reference wood for quality umbrellas.

14 : ”William II” Monk Strap shoes by John Lobb

John Lobb William 2

Because the “William” double monk has been the first double monk strap in men’s style history – often copied, but rarely equalled. A classic amongst classics.

15 : One-Piece Whole cut Alessandro Oxford by Berluti

Alessandro Berluti

Because this model remains one of the most beautiful in the world – the model I can blame for making me fall in love with men’s style at the end of the 1980’s…Berluti at its best.

16 : Obscuro Eau de Parfum by Santa Eulalia

Eau de Parfum Obscuro Santa Eulalia

Because this Eau de Parfum, created for Santa Eulalia, is an ambitious piece of work. We’ll review it at length in an upcoming article – a surprising and deeply seducing fragrance.

You can find the whole selection on Santa Eulalia’s website HERE.