10 Takeaways from Pitti Uomo 89 (A/W 16)


10 Takeaways from Pitti Uomo 89  (A/W 16)

In the year 1972, Italy gave birth to a strange beast called Pitti Uomo. The idea: showcase and sell men’s clothes and accessories (wholesale) to hungry buyers.

All this sartorial candy in one place caught the attention of not only buyers, but also style and fashion journalists, and 40 years later…bloggers.

As new seasons flashed by, interest in the Pitti Uomo became furious, and men who love dressing well sensed something unique in the air.

Today, each January and June, menswear producers, retail professionals, sartoria promoters not yet able to afford a booth, writers, men’s style influencers and advisors, as well as aficionados yearn to make the pilgrimage to Florence to attend Pitti Immagine Uomo.

Some dislike the change and expansion of the exhibit, but we say “let the businesses, the friendships and the ‘party’ grow…and let the world become a more elegant place”.

I’ll Make it to the Moon if I Have to Crawl

Menswear gurus and neophytes alike gave it their best this year, taking small and giant steps toward personal elegance.

Seeking personal style can be a rocky path (forget judgements/self-deprecating thoughts!) but overall, Pitti is a place where it’s easy to lose the negativity. Even when some of the best dressed men we know rebel and show up in disco pants and fishing hats, we can’t help but adore them.

Here are some common threads we saw amongst the crowd.


1. Color Shock (Casentino Wool Overcoats)

As birds-of-a-feather migrated toward the boot-shaped country this winter, easily noticed among a sea of suits was the unmissable Casentino overcoat in shocking primary colors…and the wind cried “orange, green, and blue”.

orange wool

Orange Casentino wool overcoat (@Manolo.se)

green casentino

Green Casentino wool overcoat (@Styleforum)

blue cosen

Blue Casentino wool overcoat (@Styleforum)


 2. The Braving of the Beanie

Once arrived, it took a little longer to notice the beanie craze. But then there it was—the strange sight of beanies mixed amongst a sea of luxurious hats.

beanie craze

@Daniel Infrim photography


3. Boots with Suits

As lovers of boots with suits, this is one Pitti passion we would like to see grow.

joseph and hugo

Hugo Jacomet’s boots on the right by Norman Vilalta and Norman Vilalta himself on the left (@Lyle Roblin)

Boots ! pitti 89

@GQ magazine.uk


4. Stick a Feather in Your Hat

Many birds-of-a-feather brought their feather along for the trip. Scanning the plethora of hats at the venue, every color from your childhood eight-piece crayon set was well-represented with red, blue and orange (e.g., opening photo) abounding. Stick a feather in your hat and you’re Pitti-ready.

FEATHER IN HAT Pitti-Uomo-2016-DSC_6917-1199x900


hat color pitti_uomo_89_streetstyle_239560832_1200x800

feather:hat pitti_uomo_89_streetstyle_716922433_1200x800



5. Florence in Fur

A splash of (likely faux) fur debuted at every turn and it felt like the return of the Golden age in Hollywood.

fur 900x900px-LL-6261b82f_pittiday2_12


FURR tumblr_o14euxVNAv1upi3vao1_540

@Tom Miler


6. Horsing Around : Blanket Scarves

The strongest “statement” for 2016? Men wrapped in equestrian glory with blanket scarves big enough to warm an Orlov Trotter Russian racing horse.

blanket scarf Pitti-Street-Style-Day3-10-GQ_16Jan15_robertspangle_b_813x494

@GQ magazine.uk


7. White Trousers in Winter

Highly present and most unexpected but somehow beautiful, white trousers in winter reigned supreme.

white white Pitti-Street-Style-07-GQ_14Jan16_Robert-Spangle_b_320x480

white Pitti-Street-Style-34-GQ-15Jan16_RobertSpangle_b_320x480

@GQ magazine.uk


8. Jaguar Green

You had to be there to notice this strong color comeback…one of the last colors expected to round the corner at Pitti Uomo this winter.


jaguar green1

@Simona Bertolotto

jaguar green 500x1000px-LL-c31beeea_pittiday3_25

 Kirby Alisson (The Hanger Project) @Styleforum


 9. A Return to Discretion and Understatement

Some of the most recognized Pitti regulars showed up (at least once or twice) more understated than usual.

Luca Rubinacci

Luca Rubinacci

giani tumblr_o0zfgyc6eV1sexmtzo1_540

Gianni Fontana (@The Sun)


10. Individualism

This Pitti report has been by far, the most laborious and difficult to pull together.

There were so few obvious trends and copycat styles, that the phenomenon of individualism stood out much more strongly than any horse blanket or orange hat…bravo.

discreet tumblr_o12g0gOhDc1sexmtzo1_540

@Simono Bertolotto

urban ties, individualism




gui bo tumblr_o0yx8oa4QX1tkthfro1_540

@Adam from Le21ème

teamplay rain

@Lyle Roblin

end tumblr_inline_o0uz6jLVqR1tpzdq6_540


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Opening picture courtesy of Vogue.it