Cifonelli and López :
a collaboration
done right


Cifonelli and López : a collaboration done right

Last November we spent two wonderful days in the no-less-wonderful city of Madrid, Spain, for the signing of my book “The Parisian Gentleman“, held at Sastreria Langa.

As per usual whenever we travel, we seized the opportunity to visit as many brands and stores as we could – and we discovered in Madrid many wonderful artisans well worthy of an article in our columns.

We take pride in our near-constant presence in the field all around the world, which we consider to be one of our biggest strengths as an online media. Incidentally, I’m writing this very article from Naples, as we’re visiting a slew of incredible artisans… but that’s another story for another time.

This lifestyle takes a lot of effort and requires abiding by a complex travel schedule; however, nothing brings more energy and satisfaction to our work than the passionate talks with the many unforgettable people, craftsmen and professionals we meet face-to-face.

In Madrid, we had the honor to visit the silversmith institution López, accompanied by our good friends at Cifonelli.

Cifonelli Bijoux Main

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for many brands, from the tiniest start-up to the most prestigious giant groups to claim a centuries-old heritage… of course, resulting from the most exalted of savoir-faire, staying true to the trade secrets of old, and other hoopla straight from a nonsensical salad of buzzwords.

For this reason alone, it’s refreshing to visit a discreet house that eschews such marketing bogus, even if López does indeed have a rich history, while doing a top rank job at their trade at the same time. Cifonelli is another such authentic brand, which happens to offer a small but impeccable line of men’s accessories and jewelry made exclusively at López in Madrid.

Silversmith López is a legendary house in Spain, founded more than a century ago (in 1904), moving to its current location at 3 Calle Prado in 1932.

If you appreciate quality jewels crafted in gold and (especially) silver, unique works of art, impressive reproductions of historical household and religious items, antiquities and assorted curios, then López is an absolute must-see should you visit or live near Madrid.

Cifonelli Lopez 2

Cifonelli Lopez 3

Cifonelli Lopez 4

Cifonelli Lopez 5

The venerable silversmith stands out-of-time and the shop holds a grand assortment of superb items and antiques on full display. a dream for any decorative arts aficionado. As a side note : although Spain is rarely associated with the decorative arts, the peninsula was once one of the major supplier of regal and princely tables throughout Europe.

The shop is a wonder in itself and the still-beating heart of house López workshop is located directly below the stairs underneath the store, where house artisans work with precious metals with staggering meticulousness.

Cifonelli Lopez Artisans 8

Cifonelli Lopez Artisans 9

Cifonelli Lopez Artisans 10

Cifonelli Lopez 11

López was chosen by Cifonelli to craft their line of accessories and men’s jewelry—now available at the brand’s Parisian flagship store Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, where you’ll find handmade cufflinks with a unique clasp system, various chains (for a pocket watch, for instance) and other small items and luxurious trinkets, such as small cigarette cases.

Cifonelli Lopez Cufflinks

Cifonelli Lopez Cufflinks 2

Cifonelli Lopez Cufflinks 3

Quite the boon for those who enjoy exclusive items, and a shining example of a collaboration done right between an important tailoring house and a historical silversmith.

Cifonelli Lopez Portraits

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Cifonelli : 83, rue du Faubourg St Honoré, 75 008 PARIS

Plateria López : Calle Del Prado 3, 28 014 MADRID