LeatherFoot Emporium in Toronto


LeatherFoot Emporium in Toronto

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting our Canadian friends at the new LeatherFoot store location in Toronto (now renamed “Leatherfoot Emporium”), for the signing of my book “The Parisian Gentleman”.

Until recently, LeatherFoot was located in a much smaller venue and focused on selling quality men’s shoes (i.e., Carmina, Alden, John Lobb, Edward Green and St Crispin’s, among others). Renamed “LeatherFoot Emporium” the store is still located in the heart of Toronto, but is now a different beast entirely. The new venue is located in a magnificent restored Victorian style mansion, encased in custom stained glass windows with walls of rich jewel tones, a marble fireplace, and hardwood and stone flooring.

LeatherFoot Emporium Extérieur

This new location, beautifully realized in terms of design and overall mood, boasts a wide and extensive selection of most everything an elegant gentleman needs to dress well. Yet, the icing on the proverbial cake is the installment of Maestro Francesco Sr., whose workshop and salon have been integrated at the heart of the emporium!

Maestro Francesco is a proven, gifted and somewhat unsung Italian tailor who’s been living in Canada for almost four decades, crafting bespoke garments of the highest standards of international tailoring—on par with the most renowned names of the craft in England, France and Italy.

Salon bottier

Salon Tailleur

Francesco Sr Toronto

During the signing event, I also had the pleasure of giving a small conference in front of an audience of passionate and educated gentlemen, with the help of my friend Pedro Mendes who heads the excellent Hogtown Rake blog.

It was a memorable evening for all involved. If you wish to relive it, or to get of taste of the evening’s mood, I encourage you to watch the short video below :


We wish much success and longevity to the LeatherFoot Emporium – truly, an address to remember should you reside nearby, or have the occasion to stop by Toronto.