Parisian Gentleman is now available on WeChat in China


Parisian Gentleman is now available on WeChat in China

We tested the Chinese version of Parisian Gentleman as early as 2011, yet the accessibility of foreign websites proved an obstacle and our target audience of style-concerned gentlemen could not be reached adequately.

However, today (five years later), we are delighted to announce that PG is back in China! Our content is available to everyone, including the new generation of Chinese gentlemen who seek sartorial education and who strive for personal excellence.

Chinese social media giant platforms such as WeChat and Sina Weibo have realized great success in reaching the Chinese public. And so it is our pleasure to announce the official launch of the Parisian Gentleman WeChat page in Chinese.

If you want to read PG in Chinese or would like your Chinese-speaking friends to access PG, simply scan the QR code below with your smartphone to reach the PG page directly on WeChat.

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The launch of our WeChat page in Chinese is just the beginning of a series of major announcements for Parisian Gentleman to be continued during the autumn months…