A discourse on true style by G. Bruce Boyer


A discourse on true style by G. Bruce Boyer

International style authority, friend and one of Parisian Gentleman’s preferred authors gives sage advice such as “cheap shoes look bad even when they’re new and nice shoes look good even when they age” and “buy the best you can afford” is discussed here by Bruce in a video produced by Leatherfoot Emporium, during Bruce’s last book signing in Toronto.

Peek into the mind of the erudite and fun G. Bruce Boyer, who reveals how “convictions triumph over opinions”, how respect and connection to the past can enrich lives and how obsessing about profit margins can create a void in the once-important practice of putting quality first.


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G. Bruce Boyer is a journalist who became well-known as editor for Town & Country. Often cited as an authority on men’s fashion, he also served as editor for both GQ and Esquire.