Latest Sartorial Escapades of PG Contributor Paul Lux


Latest Sartorial Escapades of PG Contributor Paul Lux

Parisian Gentleman Contributor Paul Lux, Far Right

Today, for a nice sartorial break, we take a look at what Parisian Gentleman’s Contributing Editor Paul Lux is wearing lately—with notes on craftsmen and artisans involved.

1. Drakes of London tie and Cesare Attolini Suit.paul 1

2. Luigi Borrelli Napoli cotton sport coat, Finamore 1925 shirt and Cesare Attolini Napoli tie.paul 3

3. Sartoria Ripense suit, Ambrosi Napoli trousers, Saint Crispins shoes.paul 4

4. Vintage bespoke Claude Rousseau blazer (Rousseau was bought by Cifonelli in the early 2000s).paul 5

5. Orazio Luciano sport coat, Incotex trousers, and The Armoury polo shirt.paul 6

6. Sartoria Panico sport coat with vintage fabric from Sig. Panico’s collection.paul 7

7. Revisiting an image we love. Paul wearing a timeless Camps de Luca suit.paul 8

8. Michael Ohnona, Paris suit.paul 9

9. Cesare Attolini suit, Charvet bespoke shirt, Sartoria Ripense tie with lapel chain.paul lux 11

10. Sartoria Dalcuore, Naples suit (with Sonya, also wearing a Dalcuore suit).paul 12Unfalteringly, Paul is consistent in his sartorial lifestyle, and we are proud to celebrate the beginning of his third year with Parisian Gentleman.

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