Marol visits Paris October 6th with Parisian Gentleman


Marol visits Paris October 6th with Parisian Gentleman

As we’ve already evoked in these columns – albeit briefly – the exceptional quality and style of the Marol brand of shirts which have been made by hand in Bologna, Italy since 1959, we intend to dedicate more attention to the brand in the coming weeks.

We view Marol to be one of the top high-end shirt brands, notable for quality-of-make, and for shirts which drape exceptionally well (even in ready-to-wear) and we also take note of the company’s mastery of the occasional rare and delightfully comfortable fabrics such as silk jersey, cashmere jersey, cotton and cashmere.




I’ve been wearing Marol shirts for a while and have become a supporter of the brand for a variety of reasons. On top of their objective qualities (impeccable cut in spectacular fabrics), Marol shirts bring a fair dose of style and flair, all in good taste–a trait which few brands unveil in a somewhat bipolar high-end shirt market, where brands are either deeply conservative or wildly original.

We have good news for those who already know and love the brand, as well as for those who wish to get acquainted with these shirts, whose makers have mastered the science of the fit.

The first good news for our readers in Paris, is that the head of Marol, Ms. Manuela Vignudelli, will be in town on the 6th of October to personally receive you and take measurements.

The second good news is that Sonya and I will also be present during these private fittings…a good opportunity for us to meet and greet some of you.

The third good news is the price : Marol is set alongside the most prestigious crafters in Paris and London, navigating in the same waters in terms of quality. Prices start at 350€, tax included, for a “su misura” shirt in cotton–a great introductory price for a proven artisanal brand (note that prices vary according to fabrics and details).


The fourth good news, for the ladies in our readership, is that Marol excels in making shirts for women (Sonya will tell you about it soon enough), with collections in line with its masculine counterparts.

The fifth good news is that on top of offering shirts and blouses, Marol also has a great collection of high quality polos and pajamas in linen and cotton by Carlo Riva (for the connoisseurs among you), as well as track suits in silk jersey, and a full range of boxer shorts, also in Carlo Riva cotton & linen !


For those interested in discovering Marol in the best possible conditions, all visits will be by appointment only (the exact location of the event, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, will be disclosed as the appointment is made).

If you wish to enjoy this unique opportunity, please write to to schedule your appointment on the 6th of October (Thursday) between 8AM and 8PM. The appointments will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. So if you wish to attend, please let us know quickly, as the available spots will be limited.

For those who won’t be able to meet with Manuela on the 6th of October, please note that she might (exceptionally) be able to meet with some of you on the 5th of October in the evening.