In Memory of Renato Ciardi


In Memory of Renato Ciardi

It is with a heavy heart that we tell you of the passing of Maestro Renato Ciardi, one of Naple’s greatest and most iconic master tailors, last Saturday, at 83 years old.

We were lucky enough, with Sonya, Lyle and Greg, to have spent a great deal of time on many occasions with the Ciardi family – Renato and his two sons Enzo and Roberto in particular, with whom we built over the years a sincere and lasting friendship.

Renato, whom I visited for the last time at the end of January this year in his Napolitan workshop, had one of the most beautiful smiles known to man, and commanded respect by virtue of his consistently excellent mood, warmth, and legendary kindness.

The old Maestro had transmitted his invaluable know-how (that he himself learned from Angelo Blasi, who he considered, in his own words as a “Master of life”) to his two sons a long time ago, Enzo in particular being since many years the head cutter of the house.

Sartoria Ciardi is in excellent hands indeed. But we will all terribly miss Renato’s smile.