Sartorial Trips : vote to bring the trunk show you want to your city!


Sartorial Trips : vote to bring the trunk show you want to your city!

Dear readers and dear friends,

Today we are happy and proud to announce the launch of a new Parisian Gentleman service called SARTORIAL TRIPS.

The objective of Sartorial Trips is straightforward : to become the worldwide platform of reference for sartorial trunk-shows and to allow readers and followers around the world to place their votes, in order to trigger trunk-show visits from a favorite tailor or shoemaker in their town, region or country!


Parisian Gentleman decided to partner with this great website (created last year) in order to offer our readers an innovative world-class service on the trunk-show scene–as trunk-shows have become, over the last years, a very important new way of consuming quality tailoring and shoemaking.

Instead of spending money (and time) on travel, especially when multiple fittings are necessary, the artisan comes to your city.

Why Sartorial Trips ?

Since the inception of PG in January, 2009, we, along with a handful of colleagues, have carefully followed the evolution of men’s style, and believe that we’ve somehow participated towards the current style revolution, while at the same time witnessing deep transformations in the market.

Our domain is indeed enjoying a continuing revival thanks to a new generation of gentlemen with a renewed interest in quality clothing and traditional crafting.

But another new phenomenon is occurring: the extreme polarization of the men’s style market. On one side, casual-wear is skyrocketing (with less formal clothes, focused on comfort and sportswear), while on the other extreme, well crafted (and often customized) classic clothes and shoes are on the rise to meet the needs and wishes of a more demanding and educated clientele.

Today, the number of men wearing a suit because they have to wear a suit is collapsing—and mandatory dress codes which once drove the success of the classic menswear market are disappearing.

New economy companies often favor tees and sneakers, while “Casual Friday” is embraced internationally, even in the most conservative of  arenas. Thus, men who wear suits, now do so by choice. They have made the decision to pursue elegance, but are, of course, more demanding than before.

These deep changes in customer behavior have a lot of consequences on the market, notably the difficult times faced by classic department stores forced to adapt to the market, or fold, with some department stores now starting gentlemen clubs, offering lectures and sponsoring grand events.

The Sartorial Trips initiative answers the rise in demand for artisanal craftsmanship and hones in on meeting the desires of elegant gentlemen to make wise consumption choices, through an order-of-business they love: the trunk-show.

The gentleman of the late 2010s, wherever he lives, wants more quality and artisanship for his money. He also desires to have the opportunity to access and physically meet the best makers for his wardrobe, regardless of whether his favored brand or artisan is available in his town, region or even country.

Sartorial Trips : vote to bring the world’s finest craftsmen to your door

The idea of traveling abroad to meet customers is not new in our domain, as many Savile Row tailors have been traveling to the USA for decades. But what used to be a small and almost confidential activity, has now become the craze of thousands of gentlemen around the world.

Fellow bloggers have started to put online,  last year, calendars of trunk-shows available around the world in order to help the sartorial enthusiast find the trunk-show of his favorite tailor/shoemaker in his home town or region–great initiatives indeed.

The difference we bring with Sartorial Trips, is that you will have the power to vote and trigger trunk-shows in your own town, region or country. And we believe that’s a terrific idea (similar to the MTO Groups in footwear who allow customers to vote on prototypes they want to see produced).

How It Works

With Sartorial Trips, each house has fixed a pre-determined number of contacts/attendees required to trigger a trunk-show in a city. In certain cities, some tailors, shirt makers or shoemakers will travel at the request of 10 people, while others set the number at 20 or 30 people expressing interest in the trunk-show. All these data are fully integrated into our system.



This exceptional tool is already functioning (full steam!) as you can see above (i.e., voting for trunk-shows in New York and Sydney) and below (voting for trunk-shows in Moscow, Singapore and Houston).




To see real-time progress in the town of your choice, go to the website and view the VOTE section.

Perhaps most fantastically, if you want to suggest a trunk-show and launch a voting process for a specific artisan to come in your town or region, you can also do it!

Of course, on Sartorial Trips, you will also find an updated calendar of all the trunk-shows planned and happening around the world, sorted out by continents and cities.

We are very proud to launch this exclusive partnership with Sartorial Trips which will be, in the next days, fully integrated in PG’s header bar.

Please browse the site, deep dive into it, enjoy the tool, express yourself, vote and share this excellent news with your fellow sartorial-minded mates. And, of course, don’t forget to send us your ideas, impressions and feedback on this major initiative for PG.

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