Sartorial trips : first results of votes


Sartorial trips : first results of votes

Dear readers, friends, and gentlemen,

Last Monday, we launched our new service, SARTORIAL TRIPS to allow you to vote on bringing the trunk shows of your favorite artisans or brands to your city or your region (see the VOTE section on the website).

We were deeply convinced that this innovative service had a huge potential and that it was a proper answer to the craze of thousands of gentlemen around the world for tailoring and quality menswear.

After just 48 hours since the soft launch of this initiative, the first results have exceeded our wildest expectations and confirm that this service seems particularly relevant in today’s sartorial community : the website has immediately witnessed a pic of frequency (more than 5000 pages browsed) and an impressive number of votes have already been registered. Thus, we can already officially announce that :

– 14 trunk-shows have reached or exceeded (at times by far) the numbers of votes required to organize :

  • IN PARIS : Steven Hitchcock, Marol, Drake’s, Sartoria Vergallo, Ring Jacket, Vass, Yohei Fukuda and Sartoria Pirozzi (see the votes in PARIS)
  • IN BRUSSELS : Vass and J. Fitzpatrick (see the votes in BRUSSELS)
  • IN SAN FRANCISCO : Cifonelli (see the votes in SAN FRANCISCO)
  • IN MOSCOW : J. Fitzpatrick (see the votes in MOSCOW)
  • IN SINGAPORE : Mario Bemer (see the votes in SINGAPORE)
  • IN DUBAI : Saint Crispin’s (see the votes in DUBAI)

PARIS VOTES 100% - copie

PARIS VOTES 100% 2 - copie

PARIS VOTES 100% 3 - copie

– 2 trunk-shows have already reached 75% of the required votes to organize :

  • IN PARIS : Dylan & Son (see the votes in PARIS)
  • IN STOCKHOLM : Sartoria Pirozzi (see the votes in STOCKHOLM)

– 7 trunk-shows have already reached 50% of the required votes to organize  :

  • IN MADRID : J. Fitzpatrick (see the votes in MADRID)
  • IN VIENNA : Benson & Clegg (see the votes in VIENNA)
  • IN WASHINGTON : J. Fitzpatrick (see the votes in WASHINGTON)
  • IN SINGAPORE : Marol and Yohei Fukuda (see the votes in SINGAPORE )
  • IN KUALA LUMPUR : J. Fitzpatrick (see the votes in KUALA LUMPUR)
  • IN SYDNEY : Dylan & Son (see the votes in SYDNEY)

We will immediately work with the concerned artisans and houses in order to allow the trunk shows which have reached the 100% bar to take place this autumn and winter.

Given the immediate huge response on this initiative, we will also put all our team behind the SARTORIAL TRIPS project in order to improve the user experience and enlarge the possibilities of the platform.

Please note that since this morning, the service is already fully integrated in our menu bar (our header) under the “Trunk Shows” section. We also remind you that if you want to suggest a trunk-show and launch a voting process for a specific artisan to come in your town or region, you can also do it!

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic response to this initiative and please continue to vote !