The limited edition white shirt by Marol : a rare occasion not to miss


The limited edition white shirt by Marol : a rare occasion not to miss

After two years of traveling across Italy to write The Italian Gentleman, I can testify that on many occasions, I needed to get dressed on a moment’s notice–during which times I relied heavily on several go-to items in my wardrobe, like a favorite tie or suit, to be on-the-spot ready.

So, my ears perked up when I learned about the new Marol “Go-To” White Shirt, a decidedly minimalistic piece, crafted to the highest level in a quintessential white poplin from the superlative Swiss mill, Alumo — a shirt meant to never let you down.

If you know about Marol, then you know it’s one of the finest luxury shirt companies in existence, crafting shirts with a unique philosophy, combining numerous handmade operations for beauty and comfort with expert hand-guided machine operations for long lasting function and refined finishing. For more details, See The Truth about Fine Shirts : 14 Things to Know.

This special edition of a very ingenious shirt has all the basics and more and is made with some of the most luxurious fabric in the world. Yet up until now, it has been  impossible to buy a Marol shirt direct from the company, online.


This offer is a one-time limited run of 40 pieces, announced exclusively to PG readers sold directly from the atelier, at an unheard of introductory price for a Marol shirt (that normally retails at 495USD for a normal poplin) intended to provide a unique opportunity to experience the Marol aesthetics and quality – when price would otherwise become a concern.

The model is distilled in the purest form, removed from all trimmings and intricacies, but packed with high-level construction details, such as :

  • A generous spread collar with the lightest of fusing.
  • A moderate collar height (3.7 cm) for comfort and versatility.
  • Marol signature 13/cm stitching running along the edge of all seams (the highest number of stitches per centimeter on the market).
  • Single-needle French seams along the side-body.
  • A simple French front placket.
  • Hand sewn buttonholes.
  • Australian mother-of-pearl buttons attached with a “chicken foot” for supreme ease-of-buttoning. A very rare feature on the market, outside of pure Bespoke shirt making.
  • The Marol bottom buttoning overlap system to help the shirt stay tucked.
  • Gussets.
  • Genuine hand-sewn armholes and sleeve-attachments with no shirring, according to the canons of Northern Italian style.
  • A chest pocket attached to the shirt or not (you decide). The optional chest pocket is in line with Bolognese shirt-making tradition for utility and a nonchalant aesthetic.


The fabric used to craft the Marol “Go-To” White Shirt is particularly special : A 120/2 white poplin from the Supraluxe bunch of ALUMO, the quintessential fine white shirting. We love the fabric for its balance of finesse and durability, without being overly extravagant.


Details : click to enlarge

If you’ve never had the chance to experience Marol craftsmanship, this may be the time to try one of the highest grade white shirts on the market, luxuriously built to last and made with sought-after Alumo fabric—especially since, when the special edition is sold out, it will be gone.

The Hand Sewn Shoulder Armhole (Armscye)

marol handsewn

Attaching a sleeve by hand not only requires a skilled technician, but also yields a beautiful shirt that you may find particularly comfortable to wear, as stitch-by-stitch attention is given to the precise positioning and size of the armhole.

Notice what an authentically attached armscye looks like in the image above, and be aware that many shirt makers embellish the armhole with stitches to make the sleeve appear to be hand-attached, when in reality the sleeve is machine-attached. This “fake handwork” is becoming more common in order to demand higher prices for gentlemen demanding handmade garments.

PRICE : €295

At an introductory price of €295 (announced exclusively to PG readers), this white “Go-To” shirt, made by a company like Marol and crafted with luxurious fabric like Alumo, makes this shirt a steal–and in our opinion the best deal on the market by far, for this level of quality.

Finding your size

Marol provides a detailed chart for sizing sizing information :

sizing chart marol shirts

How to order ?

Send an email to, and indicate :

  • your size
  • chest pocket attached or not?
  • shipping address.

You’ll then receive an e-invoice for processing payment, after which your Marol Go-To White Shirt will be crafted and shipped.


This is the first time we’ve organized this type of offer with a limited series of products designed and crafted exclusively for our readers. If we decided to do it, it’s for the sole purpose of allowing our readers to have access to an exceptional product at a unheard of price for a house like Marol.

Thus we can only invite you to take advantage of this (very) limited offer, because with only 40 pieces available, the stock will probably go quickly.

We also count on the readers who become owners of this quintessential Marol white shirt to send us feedback on the overall quality of the shirts produced by this marvelous atelier from Bologna.