The limited edition of the Marol White shirt is sold out


The limited edition of the Marol White shirt is sold out

Dear Friends and Readers,

The first limited edition of the Marol “Go-To” white shirt for PG has been a great success : the 40 pieces proposed with a superlative Alumo fabric and a (very) special price, have been sold-out in less than 18 hours after the publication of the offer on PG.

However, as Marol continued to receive a lot of requests in the following days, they decided to extend the offer to 65 pieces. We would like to warmly thank them for this beautiful gesture.

This special edition is now completely sold out and so we kindly request that you not continue sending e-mails for this initiative.

This is the first time we’ve organized this type of offer with a limited series of products, designed and crafted exclusively for our readers. But, given the enthusiasm of the response (orders from 14 countries !), it probably won’t be the last. We may replicate this sort of initiative from time to time in order to give you access to exceptional products at (very) special prices.

Meanwhile, please note that Marol will organize a trunk show in September in Paris for bespoke shirts, thanks to your votes on our website Sartorial Trips (33 votes for Marol in Paris so far), as you can see here for all events scheduled in Paris: Trunk Shows Paris .