Sartorial Talks : Episode 2


Sartorial Talks : Episode 2


we have the pleasure to inform you that the second episode of our bimonthly rendezvous “Sartorial Talks” is available on our Youtube Channel.

This second episode focuses on Sartorial Trips — our initiative to bring sartorial trunk-shows to the world.


As episodes 3, 4 and 5 have been produced and are currently in the last steps of post-production, we can disclose to you their content : these are 3 episodes entitled “Know your shoes”, which give an overview of the different kinds of men’s shoes, as well as our personal perspective on each shoe style.

The first episode focuses on the different types of Oxfords. The second episode tells the story behind the different kinds of Derbys and the third episode will be dedicated to loafers, slip-ons and mocassins.

This series of three episodes is a wonderful occasion for all of us to refresh the basics on the subject as well as, we hope, reflect on different versions of the history of contemporary men shoes. The next episode (Sartorial Talks Season 1 Episode 3) will be online October 4th on both Youtube channels (French and English). Sonya is actively participating in the English episodes alongside me.

Meanwhile, we want to wholeheartedly thank you for your enthusiastic response to the first episode of Sartorial Talks whose ambition is to become the sartorial Youtube channel of reference. So please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel(s) in order to guarantee us a good start in the Youtube environment.

Cheers ! Hugo and all the Sartorial Talks team.