The Limited Edition Blue Shirt by Marol exclusively for Parisian Gentleman


The Limited Edition Blue Shirt by Marol exclusively for Parisian Gentleman


Whether you’re just beginning your sartorial journey or have been on the path towards sartorial excellence for many years–you’ll likely reach the same conclusion on the subject of shirts : no matter the number of shirts in your closet (whether two, three, ten or fifty), you’ll end up wearing the same three or four shirts over, again and again, especially when you need to choose a shirt on short notice whatever the occasion.

Why ?

Because the shirt is well cut and the fabric is not only a pleasure to wear, but is also easy to maintain.

Because this shirt can make you feel invincible, and is of a color and design that is harmonious with the vast majority of the jackets and suits you own.

Most of these shirts are likely from a real shirt-maker (not a suit brand which sells shirts on the side) and have been crafted by a traditional atelier in a traditional way. These shirts may be more expensive than the others, but become quite cost-efficient in the long run, when you divide the price you paid for the shirt by the number of times you have worn the shirt–quite a contrast from other shirts which have been sleeping away in your closet for years.

And this is the whole idea behind the “Go-To” shirts limited series that MAROL is offering to PG readers : shirts that you will wear a lot and that will last a very long time.

In an article last June, the “Go-To” white shirt was introduced by MAROL, as a limited edition for our readers at an unheard of price for such high level crafting, using the luxurious, noble Alumo fabric.

Based on the strong response from this first limited edition of MAROL shirts, we’re pleased to present a second limited edition of the Go-To” blue shirt. This shirt is an exact replica of the now famous MAROL “Go-To” white shirt made with Alumo fabric, at a price 40% less expensive than a MAROL shirt made with standard fabric.

For Parisian Gentleman Readers Only

This limited edition of 75 “Go-To” blue shirts is now available directly from the MAROL atelier in Bologna.

As you can see below, the shirt is a decidedly minimalistic piece, crafted to the highest level in a quintessential sky blue poplin, from a special 120/2 “Supraluxe” fabric – made by the superlative Swiss mill, Alumo — a shirt meant to never let you down.

High-end features

The model is distilled in the purest form, removed from all trimmings and intricacies, but packed with high-level construction details, such as :

  • A generous spread collar with the lightest of fusing.
  • A moderate collar height (3.7 cm) for comfort and versatility.
  • Marol signature 13/cm stitching running along the edge of all seams (the highest number of stitches per centimeter on the market).

  • Single-needle French seams along the side-body.
  • A simple French front placket.
  • Hand sewn buttonholes.
  • Australian mother-of-pearl buttons attached with a “chicken foot” for supreme ease-of-buttoning. A very rare feature on the market, outside of pure Bespoke shirt making.

  • The Marol bottom buttoning overlap system to help the shirt stay tucked.
  • Gussets.
  • Genuine hand-sewn armholes and sleeve-attachments with no shirring, according to the canons of Northern Italian style.
  • A chest pocket attached to the shirt or not (you decide). The optional chest pocket is in line with Bolognese shirt-making tradition for utility and a nonchalant aesthetic.

Whether you were able to obtain the “Go-To White” shirt in June or you’ve never had the opportunity to experience Marol craftsmanship–this is yet another chance to own the highest grade shirts on the market at a unique price, with each shirt luxuriously built-to-last and made with sought after Alumo fabric. Availability will continue until the special edition of 75 shirts made with Alumo fabric is sold out.

Price :  295 €

At €295, this “Go-To Blue” shirt, made by Marol and crafted with luxurious Alumo fabric makes this shirt a steal–and in our opinion the best deal on the market for this level of quality.

Finding your size

Marol provides a detailed chart for sizing.

You can order the shirt in “Slim fit” (Classic fit with darts) or in “Full fit” (Classic fit without darts). See below the detailed charts for sizing in both inches and centimeters.

Slim fit

Full Fit

How to order ?

To order a shirt, send an email directly to and indicate:

  • your size (either in slim fit or full fit).
  • chest pocket attached or not?
  • shipping address.

You’ll then receive an e-invoice for processing payment, after which your Marol “Go-To” blue shirt will be crafted and shipped to your door within four weeks (before Christmas !).

These limited series of production has been designed and crafted exclusively for our readers to give them access to exceptional products at unique prices.

Thus, we invite you to take advantage of this (very) limited series, since production will stop at 75 pieces, at which time the offer will end.

Once you receive your shirt, please feel free to report your impressions in the comment section below.

— — —

Limited edition “Go-To” blue shirt by MAROL for PG : 295 € (+ shipping).

To order or ask a question :