The limited edition Jersey shirt by Marol exclusively for Parisian Gentleman


The limited edition Jersey shirt by Marol exclusively for Parisian Gentleman


The world of classic quality men’s style is engaged in a profound mutation with, among other major phenomenons, a loosening of dress codes in the professional world.

We thus live in an era where an institution like JP Morgan has recently encouraged (in an internal memo) its employees to adopt a more relaxed dress code in order “to adapt to their customer’s new way of dressing”. It means, in brief, to get rid of the formal suit and tie and to switch to the new uniform of the 21st century at the office : odd jacket, open shirt, no neckwear and chinos.

This massive “dress-down movement” (which began with the infamous Casual Friday) has reached new heights in the last ten years with the hegemony of the tech-industry which, by principle, rejects anything classic and has created a new office uniform composed of T-shirts, hoodies, jean’s and sneakers.

Today’s image of the successful businessman of the 21st century has morphed into that of a billionaire in a T-shirt and running shoes (except when he must speak in front of the American Congress, but that’s another story).

These deep transformations have polarized the menswear market to an extreme: on one side we have the men who continue to dress by choice (and no more by obligation) and on the other side we have the men who are following the business casual movement and who have decided to wear fewer ties, fewer formal shirts and of course, fewer suits.

Major menswear brands like Zegna for example, have perfectly anticipated this movement by investing heavily in the casual side of the market and by presenting much more relaxed and less formal collections with each passing season.

Some other brands have gone much further by off-setting the vast majority of their classic collections in favor of the “almighty casual”. I understand that it’s much easier to make a (very) comfortable margin by marketing and selling an industrial sneaker, rather than a Norwegian hand welted shoe.

Nevertheless, I think that going “all-in” on the casual side is a major mistake in the long run, because on the other hand, it’s impossible to ignore the raise of a new generation of gentlemen, genuinely interested in quality clothing and in the sartorial way of life.

Fortunately, certain artisanal houses have perfectly analyzed (and understood) the phenomenon and managed to throw above the abyss, and between the formal world and the casual world, an intelligent bridge made of collections which I would qualify as “crossover” collections, i.e., garments that are able to satisfy both the gentleman whose taste is on the classic/high quality side and the gentleman who is looking for a more casual and comfortable way of dressing.

This is the case with shirtmaker extraordinaire MAROL whom, since a few seasons, designs, crafts and distributes superlative Jersey shirts (in cotton, silk or cashmere) which have become very successful among the sartorial cognoscenti.

Thus we have the pleasure today to launch our third limited edition campaign with MAROL : a strictly limited series of exceptional Jersey shirts offered at a price on average of 40% lower than retail price.

The Most Beautiful Jersey Shirts in the World ?

Technically speaking, and without going into extreme detail, the Jersey is a not a woven fabric but a knitted fabric, hence its exceptional natural stretching abilities and incredible comfort.

But in the world of Jerseys, as in any other fabric world, enormous differences in quality exist.

The cotton Jersey selected for this limited edition is, naturally, of the highest level with a sufficient weight to ensure a perfect drape (unlike many “too light” Jerseys on the mass market).

This particular Jersey comes from the discrete and hyper-exclusive Italian Sinapsi mill, a small company specializing in the production of high-end Jerseys–with whom MAROL has partnered since a few years. With Sinapsi’s fabrics being difficult (if not almost impossible) to find on the market, this limited edition may be, for the connoisseurs of true exclusivity, an unmissable occasion : the occasion to buy one of the best Jerseys in the word (for an extremely reasonable price).

As you can see in the below two photos of yours truly, MAROL Jersey shirts are impeccable in terms of fit and construction and they represent, in my opinion, the definition of a “crossover garment” that is casual, but with a great fit and an ultra luxurious visual effect.

Probably a summit of versatility and for sure a must-have in any quality wardrobe.

The MAROL Limited Edition Jersey Shirt

For this new series of limited edition shirts, to be ordered directly from the MAROL atelier in Bologna, Manuela and Bo have selected a sublime model in cotton Jersey which we have the privilege to offer to the PG readers at an exceptional price of 325 euros instead of, on average, 450 to 600 euros for market price.

We are also lucky enough, thanks to MAROL, to offer this model with :

  • Two types of collars : a spread collar and button-down. Please note on the second photo below the exquisite roll of the button down model.

  • Seven colours : White, Dark Grey (non photographed), Green, Bordeaux, Dark Blue, Light Grey and Brown.

For this limited edition we deliberately chose a full-buttoned model (a classic shirt) and not a polo model (which is only half buttoned). The reason for this choice is that, in our opinion, the full buttoned shirt is more versatile than the polo and can even be worn with a necktie with a four-in-hand knot.

However, if you still want to buy a Polo model, please indicate it clearly in your order and MAROL will be happy to craft it for you at the same price.

A Strictly Limited Edition

Acquiring a shirt of this caliber at a “direct from atelier” price is a great opportunity for PG readers. But of course, the quantities we managed to obtain from MAROL are strictly limited (they depend on the stock of fabric remaining and dedicated to this operation).

Here are the quantities :

  • White : 15 pieces
  • Dark Grey (non photographed) : 15 pieces
  • Green : 15 pieces
  • Dark Blue : 15 pieces
  • Light Grey (see the opening photo) : 5 pieces
  • Bordeaux : 5 pieces
  • Brown : 5 pieces

The rule is, as usual, “first ordered – first served” until the item is sold out. As a reminder, the first two limited editions of MAROL shirts for PG readers have sold very quickly. Thus, we can only advise that you not to loose time if you want to catch one of these marvels.


Marol provides a detailed chart for sizing. See below the detailed charts for sizing in both inches and centimeters.

How to order your MAROL Jersey Shirt

All you need is to send an e-mail to and indicate :

  • Your size
  • The color you choose
  • The collar you want (spread or button-down)
  • If you want to add, or not, a breast pocket
  • Your delivery address

The MAROL Atelier will send you an electronic pro forma invoice with a link for secure payment. As soon as your order is confirmed and paid, the shirt will be crafted and sent to your door in approximately fours weeks.

We strongly advise that you not to loose time if you want to benefit from this limited edition, as with only 70 pieces available, we’re not sure if we can meet the total demand.

— — —

Limited edition Marol Jersey shirt : 325 euros + shipment.

To order or to ask a question :