How to Buy The Best of PG Special Editions 2017/2018


How to Buy The Best of PG Special Editions 2017/2018


Since one year, we decided to embark on a new adventure called “the PG Limited Editions” and had the joy to already organize seven special direct sales from artisanal ateliers. Thus far, all sales have been received with much enthusiasm and have proven to be successful.

The founding idea behind the PG Special Editions is simple : offering our readers the opportunity to buy exceptional products for their style, quality and artisanal “purity”, directly from ateliers that normally don’t sell to the consumers. And looking at the results during this first experimental year, we can say that you have loved the idea, with hundreds and hundreds of orders placed and most special editions sold out after a few days (with Marol in Bologna still holding the record with the totality of its “go-to white shirt” batch which sold out in 18 hours).

This approach is well aligned with the spirit of Parisian Gentleman and is appreciated by readers who love not only the exclusivity of the products, but also the possibility to be in direct contact with the ateliers they admire.

Of course, as you may imagine, this new way of consuming sartorial artefacts does not happen without a few logistical issues and some language barriers (especially with Italian artisans). But after studying thoroughly the numerous feedback we’ve received, it appears that these small issues pale in comparaison with the pleasure most of you take to interact with genuine craftsmen and to acquire products of great artisanal integrity.

Today, in order to celebrate the first anniversary of the PG limited editions, we are delighted to announce that we managed to obtain a few re-editions of the most successful pieces. Obviously, as all these pieces have been crafted with the remnants of silk, fabric or leather, the quantities we are able to offer are extremely low : a few pieces at best, making these re-editions rare and valuable.

Without further ado, here is a final chance to acquire these handcrafted items, should you find yourself enamored.

12 fold ties by Calabrese 1924

This exclusive batch of three different models is its own sartorial animal, both aesthetically and technically.

Annalisa Calabrese has utilized a new way of crafting highend neckwear ties with silk (from Como), using a dual method of printing to render a unique dimensional appearance.

Each necktie is first printed with a bright single color on the underside, followed by a second phase of pattern-printing on the top side of the tie. The result of this technique renders an overall dimensional appearance embedded with bright and deep colors with a harmonious presentation. Personally, I haven’t witnessed such deep and sophisticated colors, mingled with unique patterns, on this essential accessory. Very elegant and breathtaking!

Most notable is that these ties are 12-fold, requiring much more silk than standard ties–as the silk is folded 12 times onto itself.

A 12-fold tie is a rare thing, and I’m not even sure any such necktie is available on the sartorial market. In terms of thickness and weight, the ties are stunning in terms of finesse, with no lining and no interlining, except a short piece where the knot is tied, with the weight of the tie being as light as a feather and particularly comfortable to wear.

For the first curation, are three beautiful, stylish and timeless patterns :

Model 1 : 12 fold tie with red and green pattern 

Model 2 : 12 fold tie with purple, burgundy and orange pattern

Model 3 : 12 fold tie with orange/rust and blue dot pattern

Attention : An extremely limited number of pieces of each of these 12-fold wonders have been produced with the remnant of silk.

Model 1 : 2 pieces

Model 2 : 8 pieces

Model 3 : 6 pieces

They are offered at 219 euros (shipment not included, but given the light weight of the accessory, the cost should be nominal). The ties are shipped in a beautiful Calabrese white box which may be used to protect or pack the product when you travel.

To place your order

If you wish to order one or more, send an e-mail to and indicate your choice of model 1, 2 or 3 (as well as your delivery address).

A confirmation e-mail will be sent, as well as a link for payment (including the shipment cost, shipped directly from the Calabrese atelier in Naples).

The Go-To white shirt by Marol

Good news ! Marol has accepted to craft a reedition of 20 pieces of its famous Go-To White Shirt !

This offer – announced exclusively to PG readers and sold directly from the atelier, at an unheard of introductory price for a Marol shirt (that normally retails at 495USD for a normal poplin) – intends to provide a unique opportunity to experience the Marol aesthetics and quality – when price would otherwise become a concern.

The model is distilled in the purest form, removed from all trimmings and intricacies, but packed with high-level construction details, such as :

  • A generous spread collar with the lightest of fusing.
  • A moderate collar height (3.7 cm) for comfort and versatility.
  • Marol signature 13/cm stitching running along the edge of all seams (the highest number of stitches per centimeter on the market).
  • Single-needle French seams along the side-body.
  • A simple French front placket.
  • Hand sewn buttonholes.
  • Australian mother-of-pearl buttons attached with a “chicken foot” for supreme ease-of-buttoning. A very rare feature on the market, outside of pure Bespoke shirt making.
  • The Marol bottom buttoning overlap system to help the shirt stay tucked.
  • Gussets.
  • Genuine hand-sewn armholes and sleeve-attachments with no shirring, according to the canons of Northern Italian style.
  • A chest pocket attached to the shirt or not (you decide). The optional chest pocket is in line with Bolognese shirt-making tradition for utility and a nonchalant aesthetic.

The fabric used to craft the Marol “Go-To” White Shirt is particularly special : A 120/2 white poplin from the Supraluxe bunch of ALUMO, the quintessential fine white shirting. We love the fabric for its balance of finesse and durability, without being overly extravagant.

At an introductory price of €295 (announced exclusively to PG readers), this white “Go-To” shirt, made by a company like Marol and crafted with luxurious fabric like Alumo, makes this shirt a steal–and in our opinion the best deal on the market by far, for this level of quality.

Finding your size

Marol provides a detailed chart for sizing sizing information :

To place your order

Send an email to, and indicate :

  • your size
  • chest pocket attached or not?
  • shipping address.

You’ll then receive an e-invoice for processing payment, after which your Marol Go-To White Shirt will be crafted and shipped.

The 1202 fully handmade Oxford shoe by Norman Vilalta

Following the success of his limited edition with Parisian Gentleman, Master Shoemaker Norman Vilalta from Barcelona, has accepted to craft another strictly limited batch of 10 pairs of his now famous fully handmade Oxford.

The name of this shoe is 1202. The year 1202 is the founding year of the Master Shoemaker’s Guild in Barcelona, of which Norman is a member. It is the first fully handcrafted ready-to-wear (RTW) model of Vilalta.

When we say fully handmade, we mean these shoes are fully handmade, as in traditional bespoke (without using any type of mechanical machine). Technically speaking, this shoe is crafted the way shoes were made more than a century ago.

Finding shoes crafted this way in 2018 is virtually impossible outside the traditional bespoke art which is still performed by a handful of artisans in the world (Jimenez, Atienza, Shiota (Aubercy), Delos (Berluti) and a few others around the world including Vilalta himself). But all these artists/artisans are charging – for good reasons of course – stratospheric prices that are (and will remain) out of reach for the vast majority of men no matter the intensity of their addiction to quality shoes and the sacrifices they are ready to make in order to satiate their passion.

A fully handmade bespoke shoe costs, in average, between 4 and 6 000 euros and a lot more if you ask for some specific construction and skins.

The “heart” and the intention behind this exclusive initiative of Norman Vilalta is to allow a greater number of gentlemen to access an experience that will be extremely close to bespoke in the way the shoe is designed, crafted and personalized, including interaction with the Master shoemaker. During the process, you’ll be able to see your shoe being crafted (photos, videos) and you will have multiple exchanges with the Maestro, but for a price three times less expensive than traditional bespoke!

Of course, for a shoe of this caliber offered under 2000 euros (2400 dollars), the only two things you will not be able to choose are the last (sublime with a strong personality while remaining classic and sober) and the pattern (with a choice between two classic and extremely elegant patterns).

Unless your feet present extreme idiosyncrasies (which is not the case with 95% of the men), the highly experienced Norman will know how to guide you in the choice of your size, and thus, no measurement are needed.

This adventure is much more than “simply” buying a high-end shoe : it’s the opportunity to live a unique experience, very very close to bespoke.

Two models are available : One Cap Toe Oxford and one Adelaide Oxford (as you can see below) :

The excellent news is that other than the last and the pattern–everything becomes possible and all is included in the price of 1970 euros (Plus taxes for residents of the European Community only). Even the shipment is paid, no matter where you live.

  • You may choose the color and the patina directly with Norman. The sky is the limit.
  • You may choose a double or single rounded beveled waist on the interior and/or the exterior.

  • Maestro Vilalta will include metal tips and if you wish, rubber encrusted soles (for much better durability and performance of the sole).

  • Hand nailed and hand polished brass initials are engraved in the sole.

PG’s special edition of the 1202 model comes in a magnificent French box calf leather from Tanneries du Puy (with black box calf lining).

Shoe trees are included and the shipping costs are also included in the price, whether you live in Australia, in Singapore or next door to Barcelona.

ATTENTION : This new exceptional batch is strictly limited to 10 pairs. If you plan to buy, we strongly advise you to reserve immediately your pair on the dedicated Norman Vilalta website (HERE). You’ll then have all the time you need to discuss the details (sizing, personalization) directly with Norman by e-mail and phone if necessary. As it is a truly fully-handmade shoe, the delivery time will take between 10 and 12 weeks (which is much less time than bespoke, even if the work is strictly the same in terms of construction).

The ambition of this slightly crazy initiative is once again :

  • To give you access to a shoe of bespoke quality of construction but at a much more affordable cost (divided by three).
  • To divide the delivery time by about a third.
  • To allow you to live a customized experience with a passionate and gifted Master shoemaker.

To place your order

To reserve your pair, to ask Norman a question or to discover in detail this one-of-a-kind shoe, visit the dedicated website : or write an e-mail directly to Norman (

Exceptional gloves by Omega Napoli

For the introduction of this limited edition, Mauro Squillace has designed and created three different models, offered each time in two colors with super-luxurious finishing (such as pure cashmere lining). Each model in each color has been produced very small quantities.

Please note that all these models are exclusive and have never been distributed in these colors and with these finishing details. Thus if you live in a part of the world where winter is long over, you can consider these models as models for winter 2018/2019.

Model 1 : Plunged Lambskin Driving Glove

This superb “driving style” model is offered with a small leather strap and snaps (to adjust for size). The leather selected by Mauro for this model is a full grain plunged lambskin. A “plunged” lambskin is a skin that has been totally immersed into a dyeing barrel and not only covered on the surface. Everything on Omega’s gloves is strictly made by hand inside the Neapolitan atelier, including the dyeing (plunging), the cutting and the sewing.

The lining is made of pure cashmere for exceptional softness and comfort.

Offered in two colors, this driving-style glove is a wonderful leather accessory crafted according to the gospel of glove making by one of the most prestigious ateliers in the world.

It is proposed to you by Omega at a fair price of 125 euros (taxes and shipment not included). Please note that if you live outside the EEC, no taxes apply.

Only six pairs are available in each color.

Model 2 : Carpincho Leather Glove

The Carpincho is a big rodent from South America (the skins from Omega are from Argentina) . Its leather has been a longtime favorite of the gauchos (cowboys) of Argentina for its strength and softness.

The Carpincho skin is thus an excellent material for luxury gloves. Always finished in suede (i.e. the reverse part of the skin) with a very soft touch and feel, the Carpincho leather matches, on this exclusive model, the plunged lambskin used for the inside of the hand.

The lining is made of pure cashmere for exceptional softness and comfort.

Offered in two colors, green and red, this exotic skin is a true marvel of craftsmanship and an immediate stylistic statement (with a beautiful “bi-material” effect).

This glove is proposed to you by Omega at a fair price of 209 euros (taxes and shipment not included). Please note that if you live outside the EEC, no taxes apply.

Only one pair is available in red and six pairs in green.

Model 3 : Peccary Leather Glove

Probably the most luxurious leather in the glove industry ! The Peccary is a small boar from Peru whose skin has gained a worldwide reputation for its great quality, its extreme softness and its fantastic flexibility. Moreover, the Peccary skin has the rare capacity to wonderfully react to aging and to the patina of time making it more and more beautiful as time passes.

The Peccary skin is quite easy to recognize : the Peccary hairs are always grouped by three and are leaving easy-to-spot three-dot patterns on the leather (this is the feature that many glove counterfeiters-makers try to emulate by superimposing a similar pattern onto skin from other animals.)

On those two exclusive models, the lining is, once again, in pure cashmere.

This superlative glove is available in two versions : one bicolor “yellow-camel” version and one “camel” version. It represents, in my humble opinion, a must-have for every gentleman willing to discover the sartorial magic of a beautiful pair of artisanally-made gloves.

It is proposed to you by Omega at a fair price of 229 euros (taxes and shipment not included). Please note that if you live outside the EEC, no taxes apply.

Only one pair is available in bicolor and six pairs in camel color.

Finding your size

To select your size, simply use a sewing tape measure and follow the instructions on the sketch below (click the picture to enlarge) :

To place your order

If you wish to order a pair, please send an e-mail to and indicate clearly the model chosen, the size and your delivery address (in order to calculate the shipment cost). A pro-forma invoice will then be sent to you as well as a link for payment.

— — —

We hope you will appreciate these re-editions in extremely limited quantities.

Look for the next Limited Edition soon (for the launch of our Season 2) : a batch of exceptional shoes crafted in partnership with Mario Bemer in Florence. Stay tuned !

Cheers, Hugo