How to Build your Ideal Wardrobe :
The Sartorial Consultations


How to Build your Ideal Wardrobe : The Sartorial Consultations


Today we have the pleasure to launch the new PG service called Sartorial Consultations, in order to fulfill the need for sartorial guidance expressed by a number of our loyal readers / followers around the world.

Since the recent launch of our YouTube channels Sartorial Talks  (in English) and Discussions Sartoriales (in French) of 32 000 subscribers, and with the consolidation of our 220 000+ community on social platforms (Facebook 150K, Instagram 45K between Sonya and myself, Tumblr 20K, Linkedin 3K and Twitter 5K) it has become more and more difficult if not impossible, to answer all of your questions and requests for guidance and advice.

To give you an example, our most popular videos on YouTube can generate between 300 and 400+ comments/questions to which, despite all our efforts to answer, it has not been possible to provide satisfactory and useful responses to everybody.

For these reasons we’ve decided, with Sonya, to launch a new service called “Sartorial Consultations”.

The Sartorial Consultations aim to provide any person in need of sartorial guidance with an expert and personalized service on how to start, re-start or consolidate a wardrobe depending on lifestyle,  occupation, morphology, place of residence, taste, budget and position on “the sartorial learning curve”.

A Sartorial Consultation consists in :

  • A “one-to-one” Skype conversation with Hugo (and/or Sonya) of an average duration of 90 minutes during which we will assess your needs, your existing wardrobe, your stylistic tastes and your morphologic specifics.
  • A personalized follow-up of five e-mails,
  • A precise recommandation on how to build your ideal wardrobe : types of garments, choice of fabrics, orientation towards the best makers/brands/ateliers/shops in your area, introduction to tailors when necessary…

A full Sartorial Consultation will be invoiced 500 euros, with a special rate of 250 euros for gentlemen under the age of 23 (upon justification of age).

The idea beyond this new service is simple and straightforward : to help you build your ideal wardrobe whatever your budget and your needs–by guiding you towards the best options in terms of style, quality and value for money.

Also, if you are a beginner or a gentleman in need of a sartorial orientation (whether for a first ready-to-wear garment or for the beginning steps in the mesmerizing and complex world of bespoke tailoring) the consultation should help you avoid usual mistakes that can cost a lot of time, energy and in the end, a lot of money.

If you wish to request a Sartorial Consultation, please proceed as follows :

  • Send an e-mail to indicating that you want to reserve a one-to-one Sartorial Consultation. Please briefly explain the nature of your request : to start or (re)start your wardrobe, to develop your own personal style, to go through an assessment of your closet, to guide you towards the best brands/ateliers in your area or any other sartorial guidance needed.
  • Indicate your place of residence and if you are sufficiently fluent in English (or French).
  • We will then confirm by e-mail a schedule for the Skype call and send you a secured link for the payment of your consultation.

As you can imagine, with our agendas being already busy, we may not be able to answer immediately to every request and will probably have to work on a “waiting list” system depending on the number of reservations received and the number of slots available.

However as you probably know, August is a relatively calm month for our industry in Europe and a great time to book a Sartorial Consultation before the busier months ahead arrive.

We hope you’ll appreciate this new service whose objective is to help you build your ideal wardrobe whatever your budget, using our broad and unique base of sartorial contacts, and ultimately help you save a lot of time (and money).

Cheers, Hugo

— — —

Post Scriptum : We can, upon request and with a special cost estimate, also fly to your town or receive you in our house close to Paris for a face-to-face day sartorial consultation. For all requests (and quotations) please send an e-mail to