Marol and Alumo present the Zenith Shirts limited edition for Parisian Gentleman


Marol and Alumo present the Zenith Shirts limited edition for Parisian Gentleman


Today is a special day for Parisian Gentleman.

Our “PG Limited Editions” have been a great success since June, 2017, and we’re happy and thankful to have received more than 500 orders for exceptional sartorial artefacts–most of which have been ordered by you, direct from atelier-to-consumer, working with craftsmen and women whom we’ve developed a relationship with and partnered alongside during the first 10 PG limited edition sales.

As today marks our 11th limited edition, we’ve decided to raise the bar with the most exceptional PG limited edition operation to date in partnership with our dear friends and shirtmaker extraordinaire MAROL in Bologna–as well as the iconic shirting company ALUMO from Switzerland who produces among the most beautiful shirting fabrics on the planet since more than a century.

This exceptional campaign, rightly named ZENITH, has two objectives :

  • To give you access to some of the most luxurious shirts and fabrics in the world at an unheard of price (40 percent less than retail, on average).
  • To discuss how fine shirting fabrics are notoriously underrated in the sartorial world. Many gentlemen seem, nowadays, to have a reverse fetish for heavy, almost rustic things, with “durability” cited as a justification. While this viewpoint may be pertinent concerning suits, for shirts it is a viewpoint well worth reconsidering, as a shirt rests directly against the skin with a large surface contact area. Shirts therefore provide a much more intimate experience than suits. One should feel as good as possible in a luxury shirt and feel completely confident in its appearance and function. Moreover, fine shirting fabric is woven not only for beauty, but also for performance, if properly looked after.

On the other hand, the sensation of fine shirting (140/2 and above) can be described as extraordinary – yielding the hand of silk combined with the integrity and practicality of cotton. Such shirting looks great, as high yarn-count fabrics avoids hard folds and creases during wear, while softly “flowing” over the body with elegance. Anyone who has made a direct comparison between standard and luxury fabrics would agree. Unfortunately, many gentlemen nowadays, have a tendency to dismiss fine shirting without ever being near a swatch of this level of fabric. 


With the ZENITH exceptional limited edition, conceived in partnership with MAROL and ALUMO, we’d like to right this wrong, and give our readers a rare chance to experience shirts of the highest level of craftsmanship made with fabrics considered among the most beautiful on earth, made by ALUMO and sold direct from the MAROL atelier in Bologna, with no middlemen involved.

The fabrics you’ll have the chance to acquire are rarely accessible beyond strict bespoke – and hardly ever found in ready-to-wear, below a four-figure price-tag. This is thus a truly unique experience for PG readers to discover the “absolute finest in the world of shirts and shirting” – at a value we hope will surprise you.


This limited edition has been conceived as a “pyramid” of three levels of the finest ALUMO shirting, each one ranking far ahead of standard shirt fabrics which you probably have become accustomed to in your closet.

Each of the three tiers are entirely made with the famous Giza 45 cotton from Egypt. Giza 45 is considered to be the “Queen of Egyptian cottons”. The Giza 45 plants are cultivated in a very small area to the East of the Nile Delta, and they represent only 0.4% of the total annual Egyptian cotton production. The fibres of the Giza 45 cotton have a fabulous staple length  and the fineness of its fibres are on average, 2.95 microns. To put things in perspective, a human hair has an average diameter of 70 microns !

  • Tier 1: ALUMO Soyella, 170/2. Undoubtedly  the most famous Poplin from ALUMO, which is revered around the world by fans of the Swiss shirting company. An extremely fine and durable fabric, with a soft and silky touch.

  • Tier 2: ALUMO Soyella Duecento, 200/2: With this hyper-high thread count fabric, you will enter a brand new world : the world of the finest and most luxurious fabrics on the sartorial planet. The Soyella Duecento fabrics are pure luxury, a wonder to wear–almost like actual silk on the skin. Exceptional and truly addictive.

Tier 3: ALUMO Soyella Royal, 240/2 : The Everest of ALUMO fabrics and among the most luxurious shirting available anywhere in the world. The thread count and the finesse of this fabric are so precious that the Soyella Royal is piece-dyed after weaving, and not yarn-dyed then woven like almost all other fabrics on the market. These fibers are so rare and costly that even a great company like ALUMO cannot afford to keep a permanent colored yarn stock. This is the reason why stripes and checks are not possible to produce.

Moreover, it’s fascinating to understand that the Soyella Duecento and Soyella Royal can’t be produced on conventional weaving looms. Instead, the looms are specially modified with proprietary ALUMO knowhow. A part of the loom component must be adjusted to handle the 200/2 and 240/2 twisted yarn, and the weaving speed is reduced by 35%. Here, we are walking on the moon of fine fabrics!


For this limited edition, we chose, with MAROL and ALUMO, 10 colors/patterns of fabrics in order to give you a maximum choice.

The Soyella 170/2 is thus offered to you in :

  • Solid White (ref : 7055 1396/1000)

  • Pencil Stripe Blue and White  (ref : 7056  6375/199)

  • End on End Blue (ref : 7056 1300/017)

  • Mini Checks Blue and White (ref : 7056 1789/035)

The Soyella Duecento 200/2 is offered to you in :

  • Solid White (ref : 7088 5104/1000)

  • Pinstripe Black and Blue (ref : 7079 7338/194)

  • Solid Sky Blue (ref : 7079 5104/401)

  • Checks with three shades of blue (ref : 7079 7408/400)

The Soyella Royal 240/2 is offered to you in :

  • Solid White (ref : 7099 4599/1000)

  • Solid Blue (ref : 7099 4599/1091), one of the most beautiful fabrics in the world and a true myth among connoisseurs.


The Zenith limited edition comes in three different collars :

  • The Ferretti collar (a.k.a. the PG collar) : the famous collar of the previous PG/MAROL limited editions featured below with the pinstripe Soyella Duecento.

  • The BOCCHI spread collar, with its not-too-wide AND not-too-narrow proportions—for those who appreciate Italian-style collars, featured below in Pencil Stripe Soyella.

  • The LEONI button-down collar, with its unmissable and ultra elegant roll, featured below with the Solid White Soyella Royal.

These combinations make a total of 30 different possibilities for maximum freedom of expression within this limited edition.

In terms of cuffs, we opted for a rounded barrel cuff with a single button, positioned relatively far from the edge of the cuff to provide a comfortable space for a watch. It is by far, my personal favorite cuff for its beauty as well as for its softness, which will allow you to wear different sizes of timepieces, or to go without a watch.

The ZENITH shirts will of course be crafted according to the gospel of shirt making, in the MAROL atelier in Bologna, and will feature all the purists details : English seams, hand sewn shoulders, hand sewn buttonholes, and mother of pearl buttons of the highest quality, to name a few.

The idea behind the ZENITH collection is also to allow you to have access, without additional cost, to some ‘fit adjustments’, such as a different size collar vs body, and/or sleeve length. These simple adjustments should nail the fit on most all morphologies.

It’s important to note that on the Soyella Royal models, due to ALUMO’s special finish on this extremely precious fabric, the fabric may not, in rare cases, react well to the heat of collar fusing. To avoid this risk altogether, all the collars of the Soyella Royal range (both colors) will be available only in an unfused collar construction.

This construction technique entails stitching the collar interlining to the fabric around the borders, rather than fusing (gluing) the two together with heat. MAROL also leaves the interlining exposed at the back neck, without an additional layer of fabric on top (as you can see on the picture below). This results in an extremely comfortable wear, especially with a tie. The only small downside, is that the collar will be slightly more difficult to iron.

The above collar construction will also be available on all the other fabrics (with a minor extra cost). However, we don’t recommend this type of construction for the “PG collar” as the extreme and dramatic stitching on the very edge of the collar (see below) is not compatible with such a construction (which requires a 3mm space from the collar edge).


The ZENITH shirts are offered, only to PG readers, at “direct-from-atelier” prices unheard of in retail for products at this level. See for yourself :

  • The Zenith Shirt in Soyella 170/2 :  395 €
  • The Zenith Shirt in Soyella Duecento 200/2 : 495 €
  • The Zenith Shirt in Soyella Royal 240/2 : 695 €

MAROL also offers you the possibility to order your shirt(s) :

  • With contrasted collar and/or cuffs (no additional cost)
  • With French cuffs (+ €15)
  • With monograms (hand sewn + €9 per letter, included on the Soyella Royal)
  • With a non-fused collar (+€15, included on the Soyella Royal)

The shipping fees will be invoiced to you at cost, depending on your country of residence.

Delivery time is estimated at four weeks, after order and payment.


As we wrote at the beginning of the article, to propose the ultimate level of quality and value for money, an extra and exclusive service for PG readers and friends includes the unique opportunity to receive  a swatch card with a sample of all 10 fabrics so you may discover, experience and compare all 10 fabrics before ordering your shirt(s). To my knowledge, it’s the first time that such an opportunity is offered for shirting of this level. We wholeheartedly thank MAROL and ALUMO for offering this option to our readers.

Upon demand, a nominal fee of €15 will be invoiced to cover the cost of preparing these precious fabric samples (as well as postage).


Below are sizing charts in centimeters and also in inches.

Zenith shirts are offered in MAROL Classic fit (with or without darts). The MAROL Classic silhouette is athletic and clean, painstakingly perfected to be both flattering and comfortable. Please see below for exact measurements for fit. Only the waist measurement relates to whether darts are needed, or not.

“CLICK” on the charts below in order to enlarge them.

Sizing Chart “without darts” in centimeters

Sizing Chart “without darts” in inches

Sizing Chart “with darts” in centimeters

Sizing Chart “with darts” in inches


If you want to order the swatch cards for €15, click on the link : MAROL ZENITH.

To order your shirt(s), please send an e-mail to and indicate the following (7) choices :

  • FABRIC &  COLOR/PATTERN (10 choices available)
  • COLLAR (3 choices available)
  • SIZE (with or without darts)
  • YES OR NO : CONTRASTED COLLAR  and/or CUFFS (no extra cost)
  • YES OR NO : FRENCH CUFFS  (+15€)
  • YES OR NO : MONOGRAMS (+9€ per letter. Monogram included for the Soyella Royal)
  • NON-FUSED OR FUSED COLLAR (+15€. Included for the Soyella Royal )

For any question or request, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to the MAROL atelier at

May we once again, attract your attention to the exceptional character of this limited edition as well as towards the fantastic value for your money offered by our friends MAROL and ALUMO. With the quantities being, of course, strictly limited, we strongly advise you not to loose time to order your Zenith shirt(s) and not miss this great – and rare – opportunity.

With Sonya, we are very happy and proud of this new collaboration with MAROL and ALUMO.

We hope you will like it and more importantly, that it will allow you to discover the fantastic experience of wearing the finest shirts and fabrics in the world.

We thank you for your support and for your loyalty to PG, since almost a decade.

Cheers ! Hugo